2015-10-22. AM 05:05
  • This time, we will learn oil painting style scenery landscape told by @kstar

    If you have hoped of drawing oil painting style or have used infinite painter,
    you will much enjoy this time.

    Then, let’s start.

    Hello, I’m kstar ~ ^_^

    Recently, I came across an art piece at Art Fair and found one oil painting that I pretty much appreciated.

    It is Yeom Jeong-won’s “I am falling over you” series.
  • The oil painting’s special features – tough but smooth and cold but warm. ...
    A collector with class has already posted a red card.

  • When I come across good paintings, I am inclined to imitation of them.
    I got my S-Pen on Galaxy 4, opened the Infinite Painter application and drew the oil painting on my mobile phone.

    1.Open the picture and set the canvas

  • If you open the picture with the reference function, it seems as if you put have put the drawing on a pin.

    I think that the brush function has got improved and diversified after the Infinite Painter got updated last time.

  • Among the features, I like the rough feel of Pollock on Bristle.
    For painting the wide side, a wide brush like Pablo is also effective.

    In setting up the brush, you can also adjust the hand pressure effect or blending options.

    2. Painting the background
  • At first, paint the background to some extent.
    When doing an imitation work, it is better to match the similar colors.

    You will have many things to learn if you imitate the colors used by the masters.

    3. Drawing the tree
  • If you have drawn the sky, it is now time for trees.
    Add one layer and change the brush.

    If you look at the quill, you will see many similar brushes. Use this to plant trees.
    Thick tree, thin tree and distant tree.

    4. Drawing leafs
  • Then let’s do some leafs.
    I think that Artist Yeom has used the knife for painting or imprinted wholly to express the leaves.

    There are some artists who spread the painting by spattering the brush when doing watercolor paintings.

    Can you express this style on mobile?

    Among the brushes on Infinite Painter, there are Flow or Spray brush that can help this expression.

    Spatter the painting after selecting the brush you like.
  • It seems that the drawing gets completed by this.
    You cannot exactly imitate the original piece, but it was interesting time enough.

    After doing an imitation work, it seems that you have learnt a new technique from the master and you just feel good about it.

    So, this time, I just drew as I wanted it.
  • After doing the imitation work,
    I got surprised that even the new piece is similar as I have either remembered or have got used to technique.

    I go with another piece.
  • Although somewhat similar, it is difficult to exactly imitate the piece on canvas.

    But, it seems that I have learned something new. It is very fun to imitate the work on mobile.

    Thank you Artist Yeom Jeong-won for the good original piece.