2015-10-21. AM 08:57
  • One of the reasons Penple use PEN.UP is a feature we now introduce.

    That is “Drawing tip” , which you can find on PEN.UP menu.
  • Drawing tip is a menu which contains all the information about digital drawing.
    There are quite many people who say this is the reason they started using PEN.UP.

    With the tip #3 for how to use the app introduced above, from the ways to draw all kinds of pictures including landscapes, portraits, characters, animals and plants by using the various drawing apps with PEN.UP to the detailed basic guides for beginners in digital drawing,
    there is lots of information about the convenient tools for digital drawing.

  • And you can watch 5 tutorial videos for mobile drawing made buy PEN.UP.
    You are encouraged to watch those videos if you haven't.

    Drawing tips are created from personal and real experiences of Penple and are based on their recommendations.>_<

    We are very proud that drawing tips are becoming richer and richer with Penple's sharing their characteristic styles and drawing secrets.
    You can get all kinds of drawing tips.^^

    If you have any tips you want to share with friends,
    contact us with the email address below. And we will help you.