2015-09-24. AM 06:17

  • The Galaxy Note 5 Speed drawing #3 released to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PEN.UP

    After using Artflow as a drawing app, you can see the process the work is being uploaded onto PEN.UP.

    Let's celebrate our second anniversary with "Festival Drawing."

    About Festival Drawing in celebration of PEN.UP's second anniversary, refer to the following notes.

  • ■ Period : 23. Sep (Wed) ~ 7.Oct (Wed), 2015
    ■ Theme : Congratulatory message for PEN.UP's anniversary
    ■ How to Participate : Upload a picture which contains PEN.UP logo or the name.
    Be sure to include the PEN.UP logo in your congratulatory message.

    ■ Mandatory tag: #penup2015
    ■ Results notice : 13. Oct (Wed)

    Galaxy Note 5 is love. >_<
    Now, let's take a look at the video.

    “Let’s draw Celebration drawing!”