2015-08-07. AM 02:24
  • Hello~, PEN.ples^^
    Do you know that there are three management teams for three accounts in PEN.UP?
    They are @PEN.UP, @PEN.UP_Korea, and @PEN.UP_Manager.

    Each team is working hard to communicate with Penple and to ensure smooth operation within their remit.
    We are greatly encouraged and finding solace from the wonderful works you upload.

    If there is anyone who is not following friends, ask them to follow right away.

    This drawing lecture is going to be led by a member of our management team, @PEN.UP_Manager.
    His name is JOHN.
  • John is going to talk about ArtFlow.
    He said that ArtFlow was the first app he downloaded once he had bought Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.
    By using this familiar app with its many tools, he has been doing his work.

    If you are yet accustomed to many apps, sit down and watch this lecture while following steps.
    And leave an encouragement message for the lecturer, who has made a big decision to present his ideas.

    If any of you are interested in videos of this kind, email us.

    Now, let's watch the video.