2014-02-28. PM 03:55
  • Calligraphy means, 'The art of producing beautiful handwriting using a brush or a special pen'.
    Originally Calligraphy is drawn by brush and ink stick, but it can be created same effectiveness using 'Zen brush'.
    Today, we're learning a basic of calligraphy.
  • ■ Practice a basic step of Calligraphy
  • In terms of method of expression, Brush and Pencil can create totally different work by intensity, light and shadow.
    Dot and line is basic element of Calligraphy, so you should practice fully
  • 1. Let's draw a dot. (a round dot, ,a sharp dot, a pointed dot/ sharp and pointed dots)
  • 2. Let's draw a line. (a flat line, a unevenness line, a rugged line/unevenness and rugged lines)
  • 3. Let's draw a face. ( a face just one brush stroke, several touched face and grazed face)
  • ■ Practice handwriting
  • 1. Try to draw round initial consonant
  • 2. Practice with numbers
  • ■ Practice of sentence writing
  • The most important thing of Calligraphy is finding your unique style.
    Once you have practiced enough, you can definitely express your own writing.
    Let's practice with a short wise saying.
  • Let us introduce great works by our user.
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