2015-07-29. AM 08:50
  • Hello~, PEN.ples.^^
    We are going to introduce various drawing apps which can enrich your drawing life with their distinctive features.

    As you know, there is “Apps for PEN.UP” as a separate menu on the left-side menu of PEN.UP.
  • With this menu, you can select an app you like and install it right away.
    SDK is a feature which enables you to upload a picture you just have created with a drawing app onto PEN.UP.
  • Here is an explanation of ArtRage, which is one of the many drawing apps which currently include the PEN.UP SDK feature.

    ArtRage is useful in drawing pictures with the feel of real oil, oil paintings, and watercolor paintings on various types of canvasses.
    Using a knife on the palette to smear and spread or using mixture of colors bring out an extraordinary reality in ArtRage.

    You can feel the distinct live simulation available only with ArtRage including the mixture of colors, natural gradation, reaction between the brush and paper due to moisture and more.
  • If users wish to share paintings created with ArtRage on PEN.UP, they can use the PEN.UP SDK-Direct posting function and upload art pieces on PEN.UP with just a single click.

    Also, the ArtRage icon appears on the bottom of the uploaded contents on PEN.UP.
    Using the Deep linking function, if users click the icon, they are redirected to ArtRage.

    Users can draw pictures using a wide range of Drawing apps, upload their work quickly and conveniently using PEN.UP SDK's functions, and share information between one another.

    With digital art/mobile drawing gaining popularity around the world, the number of people improving the level of satisfaction in their lives by sharing their drawings, communicating through those drawings, and deriving happiness within those relationships are on the rise.

    For application developers interested in PEN.UP SDK, please refer to the email address below.

    PEN.UP always supports your happy drawing life.