2015-07-17. AM 02:01
  • Hi, PEN.ples.^^
    Here is the tip #2 for enjoying PEN.UP more.

    This time is for "Drawing comment", which have already been used by many Penple.
    Following its introduction, there was a drawing comment event. At the event, lots of distinctive and beautiful pictures were created.

    After viewing friends' pictures, you would think it is not enough only to write about them for expressing 100% of your heart.

    Then, you can use drawing comment, which enables you to support your comments with some pictures.
    We feel rewarded to think you could be more affectionate and closer to other Penple.

    Refer to the picture below.
  • After viewing a picture and then moving to comments, you can see another menu, which has been added to the existing sole menu.
    If you click Draw - Drawings, you can select colors – eraser and adjust the size of the brush.

    Rather than simply saying "Beautiful” or “I love it," hearts popping up from the eyes will enrich the expression of your comments.
  • These comments with images full of love would be a great encouragement to artists.
    We hope you use Drawing comments in your own ways.>_<