2015-07-14. AM 01:38
  • Hello~, PEN.ples. ^^

    PEN.UP where you can create your own images and communicate with friends. We are going to introduce some tips for not just uploading pictures but enjoying PEN.UP more.

    Tip #1 for how to use 100% of PEN.UP.
    This is how to set the background image.
    You can use various and beautiful pictures in PEN.UP as background images for your device.

    Now, look carefully at the screen below.
    First, how to set the background image.
  • Once you have found out an image you like, select the image and click "Share" at the top.
    And then click "Set as" so that you can set the image as the background or locked screen image.

    It is an advantage for you to express your personality with a variety of background images.
    And here is another tip, which is for "Setting Wallpaper".
  • You can find the wallpaper setting button in "My profile."
    In My profile, click the button at the top.
    You can set not only your favorite contents or My collection, but also newly added artworks from Hall of Fame.

    You can select up to 100 pictures, and if you select the change cycle, you can enjoy the beautiful background images changed as you set the period.

    How about that? Isn't it easy?
    Do try following the steps above.

    You can customize your smartphone with pictures of PEN.UP. ^_^