2015-06-16. AM 07:45
  • Hello. PEN.ples^^

    For this drawing tip session, I have prepared some tips for drawing caricature by using Sketchbook Pro.
    I would like to start off by showing our gratitude towards Iness_j.y_park who has provided us with good tips.

    Then, shall we go ahead and learn how to draw simple but interesting caricature?
  • Hi, I’m ‘Iness_j.y_park'.

    What I have prepared for today’s drawing tip is the mobile caricature.
    The model for this mobile caricature is my family.
    Of course, I have got her permission for publicizing her picture beforehand. ^_^

    The topic of the drawing tip is “drawing the caricature by emphasizing the ink stick handwork mood”.

    The overall work will go through this order:
    1. Sketch 2. Drawing outlines 3. Coloring 4. Finishing
  • 1. Preparing picture
  • First, open up the portrait picture that you want to caricature.
    I am referring to one more picture to study the special features.
    Then, I have posted the picture of which the size has been adjusted so that it would not disturb the work.
  • Then, select the air brush on the tool bar for sketching and then choose a color.
    I chose grey color for the rough sketch.
  • 2. Rough sketch
  • Open up a new layer and doing rough sketch.
    You need to be careful of the location of features; you may draw a straight line to get the sense of proportion and distance.
  • Then, for more a detailed sketch, select a thicker color for sketch.
    In order to remain the proportion while sustaining the features, I have exaggerated the size of eyes.
  • 3. Drawing lines with thick colored brush
  • Open up a new layer and use the black air brush to make a clearer line.
    In this step, the most important part is observation.

    Observe the direction of eyebrow and wrinkles, then just draw only the necessary lines.

    Since there will be coloring process, you don’t need detailed shadowing yet.
    I have drawn quite bigger pupils so that the caricature looks quite cute.
  • 4. Removing unnecessary layers
  • Then, detailed sketch is finished. You can remove or throw away the unnecessary rough sketch layers.
  • 5. Selecting the brush for outer lines
  • Then, we are going to make outer lines that have accentuation.
    In order to make the lines similar to the Asian ink stick, select brush tool in the sketchbook apple’s tool box.
  • The starting and ending point of the line shall ben thin. The middle part will be quite thick to make the lines go smooth.
  • 6. Control accentuation while drawing outer lines
  • By using the hand snap, practice lines that have equal strength and lines that have accentuation in some parts.
    Then adjust to the appropriate size.
  • Draw lines by using the necessary snap power in the face line and head outer lines.
    The model was listening to the music in the picture, right? By using the lines, draw some points that tell a story.
  • 7. Coloring_face
  • We will start coloring.
    Open the picture of the model to choose the appropriate color range.
    I am going to try by putting in some transparency in the airbrush tool.
  • The coloring needs to be done entirely.
    Rather than depicting, you should be paying attention to the light part and dark part so that the overall shadowing forms.
    You should color rosy cheeks and lips; but, be careful not to color too much.
  • 8. Coloring_hair
  • When the face coloring is finished, we will go for hair coloring. This shall be done in the layer below the finished line layer.
    I have chosen to work on different layers.
  • The hair coloring, too, shall not have many colors; just use three to four similar colors.
    You need to consider the shadowing that has been omitted in the previous line work.
  • 9. Draw lines with the eraser
  • Once the background color has been completed, use the eraser tool to emphasize the clean lines.
    Transparency applied on the eraser tool will make it look more natural.
    Finish along as you erase the lines and highlights.
  • 10. Done
  • It’s done now.
    I will give you some more interesting caricature drawing tips next time.

    Thank you.
  • We are very grateful to @Iness_j.y_park for offering Tip and Drawing for PEN.ples.
    This drawing tip really motivated us to draw more eagerly.^^