2015-06-05. AM 05:22
  • Hello~, PEN.ples.^^

    Pato. Cha, a popular artist and June’s HOF, has provided us with a good tip about drawing a mandrill, which is a rare, endangered animal appropriate for the June challenge theme.
    Let’s learn some of the tips while keeping in mind about the importance of protecting and caring the endangered animals.

    Please open your Sketchbook for Galaxy and let’s get started.
  • We will draw a mandrill, a rare and endangered animal, this time.
    Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has been used for the device and Sketchbook for Galaxy for the drawing app.
  • 1. Rough sketch
  • First, display the model image in front of the laptop or the monitor screen.
    Then, go on with a rough sketch for the entire composition.

    Use the “4B Pencil” brush for the sketch work. The radius of the pencil brush is about 6.4 and opacity is about 0.91.

    Select the color in accordance with the overall model image.
  • 2. Actualization of sketch
  • By using the eraser tool, partially erase the rough sketch from the previous stage so that only dim lines are left.
    Then, use the pencil tool to draw in detail along with the composition line.
    Of course, the parts that have gone wrong during the composition process can be revised at this stage.
  • 3. Coloring 1_Layer addition and coloring the head
  • Add one more layer to for background painting.
    Use the airbrush tool to put on overall coloring. Radius is 70.1 and the opacity is 0.44. Before completing.
    The entire object, the density of background color should be low.
  • 4. Coloring 2_Face
  • For the face and skin parts, use the dotted line tool among the brush tools to express the shading and contour line.
  • 5. Coloring 3_Hair expression
  • Among the layers, the object in the background layer should be light so that detailed portray is possible.
    By using the “hair tool”, adjust the color and shades. The brush radius is 15.0 and opacity is 0.52.
  • 6. Coloring 4_ eyes/ hands expression
  • By using the airbrush tool and hair tool, draw lively eyes and portray the hands in details.
    By adjusting the color and density, finish up the overall drawing.
  • 7. Coloring 5_Layer addition then draw tears
  • Add layers, and draw tears on Mandrill’s eyes by using the airbrush tool.
  • 8. Completion
  • The original picture depicts a mandrill that just covers up his mouth with a hand, but by sticking to the “endangered animal” theme, we have drawn a mandrill full of tears.
  • We are very grateful to @Pato.cha for offering Tip and Drawing for PEN.ples.
    This drawing tip really motivated us to draw more eagerly.^^