2015-05-20. AM 08:54
  • Hello, PEN.ples!
    That is to make “Flower and Reflection on water"
    Now, launch “Sketchbook app” and let’s get started. Don’t forget to upload the work on PEN.UP at the end.
  • I used Synthetic Paint and airbrush to draw flower on a dark background canvas.
  • Duplicate the layer to make a mirror effect for reflection.
  • Rotate the 2nd layer with transform in tools section and you can also move it with this tool.
  • Move it closed to the 1st layer and reduce opacity to about 44 percent or change the blending mode to lighten if needed.
    And reduce opacity to 96%.
  • Paint the water effect with smudge tool and airbrush.
  • Paint the background with airbrush and smudge tools, too.
  • Adding a layer of grey with airbrush and reduce opacity to 77 % change the blending mode to multiply.
    This create the un-focus effect to the background.
  • If necessary adding a light color with airbrush and change blending mode to glow will give wonder effect on highlights of the flower too.
  • Thank you. :)
  • We are very grateful to @jinjie for offering Drawing Tip for PEN.ples.
    Drawing life makes all of us happy.

    PEN.UP team always encourage everyone who loves pictures!!