2015-03-31. AM 03:32
  • Hello~ PEN.ples^^

    This time also, Tip and Drawing is coming from overseas.
    These tips are offered by @SPR, who has unique drawing skills and is very popular with PENPle.
    Now, launch “Sketchbook app” and let’s get started. Don’t forget to upload the work on PEN.UP at the end.
  • I love capturing light in a painting. It makes the painting come to life and can give your piece some magic.

    The initial painting is very dark. Sorry about that. I worked in many layers and used some of my favorite brushes in this picture. I am using the Sketchbook application on my note 4.

    First, I start with the background and use the airbrush tool to cover the whole canvas.
  • Now the next layer is for the underpainting of the background forest.
    I am very lose when making trees, and don’t forget to put some grass and bushes.
  • On a new layer, I used the airbrush tool to mark out the water. I switched to the paint brush tool and roughly put down some brown to start on the formations of my rocks around the water fall.
      • On the third layer I used the multiline brush to give texture to the water in various shapes of blue green. I used white for the highlights.
      • For the splashes on the bottom of the water fall I used this brush.
      • Now that most the underpainting is complete, the fun can begin and we can start adding in some light and details.
        This brush is one of favorites and I used it to start laying down light shades of brown around where I thought there might be a rock.
      • The next layer I created the grass surrounding the water fall and little bushes using the multiline tool.
      • I also added in a big tree on the bank of the water to create more depth and push the background farther back.
        I love putting rays of light in my paintings.
        I used the airbrush tool at a low opacity and make the layer a little transparent, so that I will not lose too much detail in the background. I used a light butter cream color for light to give it more warmth. I put this layer behind the fourth layer to so that it is tucked behind the tree.
          • Play around a little and put hightlights on the branches and water, this is the best part. That is why I love doing landscapes the most, because your are free to imagine anything.
          • Once you are done, sign the bottom and share on PEN.UP.
            Thank you everyone and PEN.ples for all the love and support.

            Susan Rossell - SPR
          • How beautiful artwok and it's wonderful tip. We are very grateful to SPR for offering Tip and Drawing for PEN.ples.
            Drawing life makes all of us happy. We encourage everyone who loves pictures!!