2015-03-20. AM 07:13
  • Hello, PEN.ples^^

    Here is an optimum tool for those digital painting artists who work using Galaxy Note4 or tablets.

    Great drawings can be created with a drawing app and S-pen, but how would it be if you could draw using a real brush?
    The digital drawing tool we are going to introduce today is BuTouch by Silsta.
  • Silstar BuTouch is a touch-based brush, with which you can draw pictures on Galaxy Note or tablets. With this analogue style brush going well with digital devices, anyone can draw pictures like a professional.
  • It seems that it looks like a real brush so much that we should soak it in paints before using it. But it is optimized for digital devices so that the lines are decided depending on its size and transparency and the colors are rendered by your choice.
    Setting brush is necessary!

    Actually many of digital painters have brushes of this kind, so it would be very convenient for you to have one for more interesting results.
  • From tablet PC, smartphones, notebooks to touch pads, you can use Silstar BuTouch on any of the capacitive sensing devices.
    Above all, due to its great portability, you can use it whenever or wherever you want to draw.
    Moreover, the colors are so varied that you can try any color schemes to represent your personality.

    It would be really wonderful that you can try all kinds of drawing using S-pen or brush or both of them.
  • Images by http://me2.do/FuL267Kw
  • Try various styles including oil paintings, landscapes, portraits, pop art, etc.

    Now that technology is more developed, smartphones have more tablet functions. So, you can create more wonderful pictures with S-pen of Galaxy Note and try digital tools like Silsatar BuTouch to draw with more fun and convenience. We are already looking forward to what kinds of works will be shown on PEN.UP.

    We really want to see your wonderful works created with Silstar BuTouch on PEN.UP. Hopefully, one day, you yourself could give Tip & Drawing for Silstar BuTouch for Penple.
  • Silstar BuTouch homepage Click.