2015-03-18. AM 07:29
  • Hello~ PEN.ples^^

    This time, Tip and Drawing is coming from overseas.
    These tips are offered by @sleepingfear, who has unique drawing skills and is very popular with PENPle.

    As much as her beautiful appearance, her explanation was very detailed and sincere.
    The theme of her Tip and Drawing is drawing Neytiri, a character of the movie, Avatar.
    Now, launch “Sketchbook app” and let’s get started. Don’t forget to upload the work at the end.

    Now, launch “Sketchbook”app and let’s get started. Don’t forget to upload the work at the end!
  • Let's start from choosing the pose.
    Then I'm drawing body and head. For better focusing lets draw oriented line along the body and head. This is a rough sketch of body.

    Now, I'm decreasing opacity on this layer and adding new layer. On new layer, with orientation on rough sketch, I'm smoothing over the angles and adding more details to the form.
  • Drawing the face.
    First you may try to mark the areas where you think should be eyes, nose, lips (with read lines). As far as I'm drawing fictional character I don't concern much about human similarity, the main thing that all should look harmoniously! :)
  • I'm making new layer and adding a reference picture, I will use it for picking colors.
    With help of instrument color picker, I'm choosing the main colors and making a color pallet on separate layer. it will help me to pick colors much easier.
  • Let's start coloring.
    First, I fill out the shape with main color, then I'm choosing direction of main light source. On new layers I'm starting to draw shades and highlights. The more layers you use the easier you can correct your drawing if you suddenly find some mistakes. You can merge the layers when you are satisfied with result and not gonna make any changes on it.
  • Now let's get down to face coloring.
    Eye: To make eyes more lively don't forget to draw highlights and shadows from eyelid adding more details. For drawing glowing dots you can use "pencil" tool, first you should make big line size and low opacity. I chose lighted parts of the drawing for dots. For making glowing effect for dots you need to decrease pencil line size and make zero opacity. Then draw small dots on top of big ones like on screenshot below.
  • Lips coloring.: To make lips more lively again you need to pay attention to highlights and shadows. Highlights and shadows colors should be chosen from the same color gamut as the main lips color.
  • Now I'm getting to drawing the body patterns using slight opacity in new layer. (under the white stripes) I'm drawing dark stripes in the way that dark stripe stick out on one side to make bump feeling. Then I'm putting dots same as on face.
  • To give kind of "warrior look"I used special brush which you can see below on the bottom layer after we've chosen another brush. Draw on blurred stripes to make on-skin painting look.
  • Drawing hair, tail and clothes.Then painting highlights on hair and adornments.
    I like to draw in details like photo. It's more interesting to me.
  • There are brushes I'm using for painting background.
  • And here is final drawing.
    Thanks for your attention. I hope my TIPs will be useful you. :)
  • It's wonderful Tip. We are very grateful to @Sleepingfear for offering Tip and Drawing for PEN.ple. Drawing life makes all of us happy. We encourage everyone who loves pictures!! Let’s talk about more pictures.♡