2014-01-29. AM 07:21

Let's start Zen Art

  • SUMI is Oriental painting pattern which vitalize texture of brush.
    Generally, SUMI uses an ink stick, so it feels a little hard to draw during daily life.
    Today, we will draw an easy and attractive SUMI with 'Zen Brush'.
  • 1. Sketch a rough draft of the scene with diluted ink. Rather than drawing fine details, draw while deciding on the general composition of the complete scene. Draw freely knowing that you can easily delete the whole scene with a simple press of the Clear button.
  • 2. Draw the contour lines in black (thick) ink. To add a sense of perspective, draw the closer parts with thick strokes and the father parts with thin strokes. You can put emphasis on certain parts by drawing them dark and thick.
  • 3. Apply shading boldly by adjusting the brush size and the ink thickness. If necessary, you can erase some parts with the eraser to add highlights.
  • 4. Finish up the scene by adding the missing parts while paying attention to the balance of the whole. Take care not to destroy the balance by painting or erasing too much.
  • You can experiment with different atmospheres
    by changing the background template.
  • Get a taste of the analog ink and brush
    painting experience with Zen Brush.