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  • Hi, PEN.ple ^^
    In this Tip and Drawing, we are going to learn how to use Android drawing app, ArtFlow.
    This Tip and Drawing has been offered by PEN.UP popular artist @bbbbbun!

    ArtFlow is an application which is optimized for the mobile environment and to make drawing more enjoyable. This Tip and Drawing is useful for those proficient users as well as beginners in drawing tools.

    Now, let’s start drawing with ArtFlow.
  • ■ ArtFlow - Learning the left menu
  • Run ArtFlow. Firstly, learin the left menu.
    A special and convenient ability of ArtFlow marked with *asterisk.
  • ※ Hold on tool button, you can check the tool name.
    0. Pin : Click Pin icon, and then the menu window on the right is fixed while drawing.
    1. Toggle layer panel
        * Click 1-① to add a layer.
        * Click 1 -② to duplicate the selected layer.
        * Click 1-③ to import a picture from your gallery and add it as a layer.
        * Click 1-④ to take a picture, and add or compound it as a layer.

    2. Merge down : Compounding an upper layer and a lower layer.
    3. Layer blend mode : Applying effects to the layer to create various moods.
    4. Apply effect : Adjusting brightness, saturation, transparency, and applying effects of black and white tone, sepia tone, inversion, highlight, etc.
    5. Transe form layer: Adjusting pictures’ position and size, and rotating.
    6. Clear layer: Deleting images on layers at once.
    *7. Layer : Click Layer, a square-shaped icon and drag to the right to delete it.
    8. Eye-shaped icon : Activating or deactivating a layer.
    * 9. Share image: Saving and sharing finished pictures as jpg or psd files. There is PEN.UP icon in the second place. Now upload your picture.^^
    10. Gallery : Saving finished pictures in ArtFlow gallery and adjusting the size as well.
    11. Background color : Deciding background color for a picture. (Move 11-1 and 11-2 to adjust colors)
         Click 11-3 to adjust color more specifically with rgb/hsv divisions than the color circle.
  • ■ ArtFlow - Learning the right menu
  • 12. Brush : Deciding brush types and properties.
        * In properties, Dynamic size(1-2) and Dynamic flow(1-3) are useful for detailed rendering by making the two tips of a brush sharper.
    13. Smudge : Smudging a part of picture to create an effect of blending colors naturally like an example of 2-1.
    14. Eraser : Using dynamic properties, minutely erasing parts as you want is possible.
    15. Fill : Filling the space inside lines with colors by one click.
    16. Paint color: Deciding and adjusting the color of a brush. With rgb/hsv divisions, more specific adjustment of colors is possible than the color circle.
    17. Paint tools : Drawing free, straight, square lines.
        *17-1 is a ruler with which you can draw a straight line with a length you want.
         17-2 is a compass with which you can draw a circle with a size you want.
    18. Symmetry: You can create a complete face by only drawing a half of it like decalcomania.
    19. Undo/Redo: Undoing the previous work or redoing it.
    20. Adjusting thickness
    21. Adjusting transparency
  • * If you feel lines of the sketch are too bold, adjust the transparency in layer effects. Drag α upside or downside to adjust transparency to create a soft effect.

    Now, let’s learn how to apply the functions to work.
  • ■ ArtFlow – Learning practical techniques
  • There are basic brushes offered free of charge with the app, and additional brushes in the paid version. The paid version offers just as many brushes and features as Photoshop, which is one of Art Flow’s strengths.

    * Using the two graphs next to Menu icon on the right, you can simply change thickness and transparency of a brush without opening a separate brush window, which is very convenient.
  • When a figure is not distinctive enough from the background, click “Sharpen” on the fourth of Menu on the left to adjust the distinctiveness of a figure by changing properties.
    Besides, you can change images more specifically using properties window of the fourth of Menu.
  • Depending on effects, the mood can change entirely, so try different effects until you find the result you want.

    Since ArtFlow has a lot more varied features than other drawing apps, and the form of the menu is optimized for the tablet, and take into consideration users’ situations in terms of shortcut settings, the position of the menu, On/Off, and various exporting and saving formats, so it can be considered to be a high-quality professional drawing tool which is fit for not only simple drawing but also detailed works.
  • We are very grateful to @bbbbbun for offering Tip and Drawing for PEN.ple. These Artflow tips really motivated us to draw more eagerly.^^

    I hope you can draw more sophisticated and wonderful pictures with Artflow.
    For downloading ArtFlow, click the link below ^_^
  • Drawing life makes all of us happy. We encourage everyone who loves pictures!! Let’s talk about more pictures.♡