2015-02-12. AM 05:02
  • What’s up! PEN.ples ~
    We’ve come back with the 4th Joy of Painting.
  • ■ "Joy of Painting" 5th part
  • On the 5th Joy of Painting, we, with PEN.UP’s popular artists JS.P and icegido, present a collaborated drawing show, which is different from the usual occasion in which a single artist leads the drawing lecture.
  • In this video, the two artists standing lead the show taking turns with one tablet like a relay.

    An exciting and marvelous mobile drawing lecture with JS.P, whose specialties are in drawing natural backgrounds and game backgrounds, and icedigo, who focuses on drawing penguins, giraffe.  Utilizing their instant ideas, they progress to complete one wonderful work.
  • In this lecture, the two artists exchange each other’s feelings and ideas about mobile drawing cracking jokes, so you can feel more comfortable and gain more sympathy.

    Click on the link below for the full version. :D
  • It is another PEN.UP culture that you yourselves share pictures, and make progress to complete the work in sympathy with each other.

    We are grateful to @JS.P and @icegido, who lead this lecture, for their efforts.

    If any of you PEN.ple is interested in making videos, contact us using the email address below.