2015-02-05. PM 01:46
  • Hello! PEN.ples~

    In late October of the last year, many artists were excited by the release of ArtRage Android version. But some of them might have been disappointed that it was available only on the Samsung Apps.
    But now, you can get ArtRage in the Google Play Store.
  • With ArtRage, you can try all kinds of features in a single drawing app. The biggest advantage is the excellent realistic rendering looking just like real oil painting.
  • This is the basic window of ArtRage. You can see the various tools on the left bar. And settings are on the tap above.
    You can change settings for brush, new canvas, layer, reference, etc. as you want.
  • By adjusting the hardness and thickness of a brush selected, you can render anything as if drawing on a canvas with oil paint.
  • Besides settings for brush, you can select the quality of canvas, which extends the range of representation.
  • Over 20 layers can be created. Other drawing apps also have this function, but “Reference” of ArtRage has an advantage in that you can extract colors from pictures looking as if attached to a real wall.
  • Give a try to various features including smudging, overlapping, watercolor, oil painting by changing settings. Aside from these, there are lots of other features which we hope you can try and experience the attractions of.
  • You can directly upload onto PEN.UP the works you have completed with ArtRage.
    Can you see ArtRage icon at the bottom of PEN.UP uploading page? Try it on our own!
  • We really want to see PEN.Ple’s oil painting style works completed with ArtRage.  ArtRage has become more powerful with more tools and special rendering features.
    Galaxy Note4 users can free download in Galaxy Apps. Please, Click Here.
    Try downloading it from the Google Play Store right now. ^_^
  • We encourage your drawing life with fun and excitement!