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[In app] Draw sunset scenery

Hello PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip was provided by @feltboy.

The image that we will draw today through drawing tip is sunset.

It is indeed a beautiful scenery that is easily accessible.

The sunset from the sea The sunset seen from the peak of mountain.

Since the sunset seen from different spots give different feelings, people go travel or go for taking photographs in search of better spots.

You can check out today’s artwork in the Landscapes category in the Live Drawing menu.

Are you ready?

Now, let us get started.

TUTORIAL by @feltboy

Draw sunset scenery

Hello, PENUP users.

I am feltboy, and I usually draw cute and small objects at PENUP.
In this drawing tip, I will draw a flock of goose flying towards the red sunset in a real photography tone.

Live Drawing offers diverse brush tools; I used four different tools – oil painting brush, airbrush, pastel and pencils.

I will try my best to let you get to know about the characteristic of each brush tool used in the drawing and also to let you draw in easy and enthusiastic manner.

I will begin.

First, color the background with single color.

Select oil painting brush and change to the maximum size (100). Then select red color and fill in the overall basic background part.
When you color a single tone background, the oil painting brush at maximum size is the better option.

When you are done with the background color, let’s put in some light and shadow for the red sunset background.

Select the airbrush and change the size to maximum (100) and opacity level to 20%. Then select a darker red color.

Move from left to right and vice versa to color the upper part.

When you try to color in photography manner, the airbrush that finely sprays the water color is the best option.

In particular, it works very well for expressing the clouds or far-sight background.

Like the upper part, move from left right and vice versa to color the lower part.

Try to put in natural gradation at this point.

Now, select very dark red color and paint the boundary of the upper and lower part.

Also, express in smooth motion for horizontal waves from time to time.

When you have to select either darker or lighter color than the already selected color, you just need to move the “horizontal bar” in the “color palette” from left to right.

Next, we will express the sunset in the middle part.

Select orange color and express the sunset light at the middle by moving from left to right.

Color the end point of the left and right side of the sunset light as if they get smudged.

This time, set the airbrush size to smaller point and express the traces of small sunset lights beneath the sunset light.

The point here is that you need to color a bit by bit repeatedly to make it not stand out but natural.

Now, we will draw the burning sun.

In order to express the burning sun, I selected the pastel that has tough and rough texture.

Change the size to maximum point (100), and select yellow. Draw the boundary line except for the lower part.

Color the inner part of the line by rolling the brush as if you are rolling the pen in round shape.

Color the sun in high density overall.

Change to the airbrush once again and set the size to 1 and the opacity level to 30%.

Draw the boundary at the bottom of the sun and the traces here and there.

You need to color the boundary beneath the sun to make it look more natural.

Now, we will put the light and shade in the sun.

Set the brush size to appropriate level and select very light yellow near to white. Then color the upper part of the sun.

Again, select the yellow darker than the sun color and color the beneath part of the sun.

In this way, you will have lightest color at the upper part of the sun, and the color will go darker as it goes down, which will make the sun more dimensional.

Once the burning sun is completed, change the airbrush color to red and color the boundary line at the bottom of the sun by moving in horizontal line from left to right.

In this manner, you will have the boundary line beneath the sun go well with the background and express the sunrise or the sunset.

Then, change the color to lighter orange and color it a bit by moving in horizontal line from left to right at the middle part like fog.

How is it? Doesn’t it look like real sunset?

Now, in the last stage, select red color near to black. Set the size to 100 and opacity level to 30% and color the corners.

At this point, I recommend you color it by thinking that the color gets darker outwards with the sun at the middle.

Just as a tip for the airbrush, the airbrush will color darker if the opacity level is higher and lighter if the opacity level is lower.

Once it colors in darker, it will be hard to make revision. So, set the opacity level to lower point and color repeatedly until the color or the light and shade comes out the way you want it to be.

This way, you could use the airbrush in an easier manner.

Lastly, we will draw the flock of goose.
Pencil is the best option to draw small objects or make small expressions.

Change the tool to pencil and set the size to 1.
Select black color and draw small goose at the down middle part of the sun.

Draw two more goose to the right side.

At the left, add two more goose.

At this point, draw different moves for the goose wings to give the impression that the goose are really flying.

Add two more goose to the left side.

Draw a goose in the upper middle part of the flock.

Lastly, add two more goose to the left side. You are all done.

Keep in mind that the goose flock tries to maintain V shape while flying, so think about keeping this V shape when you draw the flock.

Here you go.

You have drawn a scenery of flock of goose flying into the photography-like red sunset.

It could be a bit difficult, but with the PENUP live drawing, try to learn the traits of airbrush and try out the natural gradation.
Also, try to finish a photograph-like landscape.

Thank you.

How was it?

You would have all followed along well thanks to detailed explanation.

Try drawing the sunset that you always confront with everyday and share it with us.

When you upload the works, please upload them in the live drawing category or put #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips hashtags.

We will come back to you with next drawing tip.

Thank you.

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