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[In app] Draw the starry night

Hello, PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip has been provided by live drawing artist @Sso.

The image that we will draw today through drawing tips is van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, loved by so many.

“Starry Night” by van Gogh is known as a beautiful masterpiece composed of fantastic tones and mystical brush touches.
It is said “Starry Night” was the night view Gogh saw while he was staying into hospital.

The winding sky, dynamic touches and Cyprus trees that traditionally symbolize graveyards and condolence…
After getting notion of the dull situation that Van Gogh was put into during that time, one would notice that this piece conveys sadness and pains.

You can check out this piece in Masterpieces category in the Live Drawing menu.

Are you all ready?

Let us begin.


Draw the starry night

Hello, PENUP users!
I am live drawing artist Sso.

Today, we will draw “Starry Night”, the representative piece of globally renowned and loved artist Vincent van Gogh, through Live Drawing of PENUP.

I believe you can finish a cool artwork if you go on with bold style to realize the dynamic brush touches of Vincent van Gogh.

Now, shall we begin our time to bring van Gogh’s artwork into life?

First, select oil painting brush and choose dark navy for base color.

We will begin with painting the background color in bold style.

Once the background filling is completed, select the pencil tool on top of it to draw in the background drawing by dividing up the part where the sky and ground gets parted.

As you draw the back part, you should think that you are finishing part by part, so you should select light blue and sky blue instead of the background color.

You should repeat drawing curvy wave lines several times. Use yellow color for the brighter part.

When the bottom part is nearly finished, do the background drawing with blue color for the wind and moon and star rise location, which looks like whirlpool.

You better draw the curvy lines in line with the curve of the waves. You need to use diverse sky blue tones to express more painting feeling.

When the background drawing of the sky part is finished, you need to fill the overall sky.

As said before, strike curves in short lines along with the moon to realize the dynamic touches of Gogh.

When you are all familiar with the above process, color the background of the star and moon with yellow color.

Like what we’ve done in the previous stage, fill the sky with blue curves that seem to surround the small stars.

What matters here the most is that you need to color the surrounding of the stars – the sky colored curves that are near the stars - with sky blue color lighter than the previous colors in order to express the luminous stars and moon.

When the curves are filled in the overall sky, you need to color as if you are trimming the light and dark.

In order to offer the luminous and swaying feeling, you need to select near-white yellow color and fill the curves in pointy manner.

By giving a bit of dark colors on top of the overall light artwork, the dark and light will contrast to give sharper and clearer drawing.

Once the sky – the top part of the drawing – is done, we will draw the field and houses at the bottom.
Use pencil tool to express the houses in short curvy lines.

Draw the field color with the tone similar to sky and fill the houses with toned-down pastel colors.

Try to use the black tone for the houses at the bottom with thicker outlines while coloring.

Now, we will draw in Cyprus tree, the last but not least part of the drawing.

Use black color tone for background drawing to spot out the tree location.
Use a brush tool on top of it to fill the black color. Then, use grey point pencil for the outline of the tree.

For the parts that do not have diverse colors and the colors get smudged overall, select blue color to fill in short curves; this will eventually help you accomplish a more quality drawing.

For those parts where the colors do not vary and colors get smudged, select dark blue color and fill in short curvy lines; this will make a more quality drawing.

Have you all finished cool drawings?

What thoughts and insights have you had in mind when drawing van Gogh’s artwork?

Rather than drawing well and good, having the time to concentrate on yourself only while drawing would lead into better results, right?

“Starry Night” is not a still life of the night view van Gogh drew; instead, it is the night view that van Gogh recalled from his memories.

How about drawing your own starry night?

Please upload in the live drawing category when you upload or put in the hashtags #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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