2015-01-29. AM 01:56
  • Hello! PEN.ples!

    @feltboy, who is famous for the super-simple illustration anybody can try, gives his Tip and Drawing for PEN.ples.
    However charming or interesting a picture, it would be useless if you can not draw it easily.
    Try @feltboy’s tips for drawing a sheep using ‘sketchbook’. It’s very fun and useful.
  • 1. First, draw a dimply line for the head, and create a face roughly like a triangle.
  • 2. Create a dimply body as well, and add two eyes and a nose, and dot some freckles.
    She looks shy but cute looking as if covered with a blanket.
  • 3. Attach a ribbon on the head, and create round horns with swirls in them.
  • 4. Draw two hands and legs, and add lines of sleeves.
  • 5. She looks lonely, so let’s give her a friend. Now, draw a dimply circle on the right. And create a face inside the circle like before, and add eyes.
  • 6. Give this friend two horns with swirls in them as well, and add hands and legs.
  • 7. Celebrating 2015, add the number “2015” and a heart in a speech bubble. Now, two shy sheep have been created.
  • 8. And select 'Tool' -> 'Fill', and then fill some beautiful colors to complete it.
  • By using your imagination and with some modification, try filling the color of the body. And try changing the facial expression and gestures of the sheep, which would make them more charming!

    @feltboy has never learned drawing professionally, but loves drawing so much that he has made many pictures and has a popular blog.
    He shares a story about PEN.UP on his blog. Thank you.
    Let's go to his blog. Click here!

    We would be grateful if you give us more easy and interesting tips for digital drawing and do more activities with PEN.UP.

    PEN.UP Team encourages everybody who loves drawing.