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[In app] Draw little boy doing stretching

Hello PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip has been provided by @nuj_junheesung.

The image that we will be drawing is a boy doing stretching.
Looking at the drawing tips makes one recall this phrase.

“One could be more creative drawing a tulip with five lines instead of using a hundred lines.”

This is a quote from the autobiography of David Hockney, the master of pop art in England.
I recommend you enjoy this drawing tip paying attention to this phrase.

The artwork we will introduce today could be seen in People category of Live Drawing.

Are you all ready?

Let us get started.

TUTORIAL by @nuj_junheesung

Draw little boy doing stretching

Hello, PENUP users.
I am JUNHEESUNG, and I do PENUP live drawing.

It is such an attractive thing to share your artworks with many other people through an app centric to drawing features.

I thought it would be quite difficult to do mobile drawing but after all, it is total new joy you could find during short time.
Personally, I found very enjoyable way of spending my spare time.

The drawing tip that I will share is a simple but enthusiastic work - drawing a person with black color and fixed point marker brush.

Particularly, I will draw my favorite character - a kid - striking different poses.

It is quite simple to draw with a single color and a single brush, but I would like to let you know that you could have quite quality drawing with proper combination of black and white.

Shall we start?

First, we will draw a kid that stretches his arm to do stretching.

Draw the eyes, nose and mouth of proper size. Simple as it could be. I hope it is slanted a bit.
He could have a smiley face. The change in mouth shape could result in different expressions.

Let’s draw a circular face for the kid and make him wear a hat. Give some edge with presentation like some hair sticking out under the cap.

We will draw a hat that covers up the ears.
The ears are slanted but the fabric that covers the ears will drop straight down.

One arm should be on the waist and the other arm will go up straight to the sky so that the upper body is stretching.

The lines do not have to be neatly connected. The lines can be uneven.
The beauty from coincidence is what makes the artwork attractive.
The fingers can be drawn with just four lines.

Connect the shorts and legs, as well as the floor, with lines. It is simple, but this gives stability to the drawing as it gives the feeling that the character has his feet on the ground.

There is an important point in drawing with one color - black. It is “filled black”.
There should be a certain scope of space that is filled with black.

That gives weight, stability and completion to the drawing.
If you compare this stage to the previous stage, you will notice what feeling black would present you.

You will have definitely different feeling after filling the pants with black.
Next, let’s draw another pose.

Also, draw the eyes, nose and mouth and decide the size of the cap of the circular hat and head and then draw these in round shapes.
The arm is covering the face, so do not draw the bottom part.

It is difficult to draw if you think too much about the muscles and detailed structure.
Just think easy and simple to draw the arm.

At this moment, it will be easy to draw if you think of what part comes to the front and what part goes back.
Expressing the fingers with several lines will do enough.

Draw the bottom part. Don’t think the lines should be neat; just trust your lines and draw.
For the pants, leave the outer parts a bit and fill the rest with black.

Leaving the outer part while filling the rest with black is a way of elevating the density of the drawing.
You may also fill the whole part.

The pose we will draw this time is a pose that does not show the face as the boy is bending.

Think of the top of the har seen from above and draw in the circle.
It is a way of looking downwards, so the cap of the hat part should go below.

Draw two arms dropping downwards.

The kid’s shoulders are narrower than you think; draw the shoulders thinking that they are a little wider than the width of the hat.

Draw the pants behind the slightly seen waist, head and the arms.
You may go and fill it black.

Draw the legs in the same length with the arms and connect the ground with the lines.

If you draw a line in the ground, you can get a shadow like expression, which gives reality feeling and richness to the drawing.

The pose that we will draw this time is a waist stretching looking upwards to the sky.
I drew the side look because it will give more fun shape.

First, think of the hat as a general one with a cover at the front.
The cap cover will be thin looking from the sideway, so draw as it is.

As the kid is taking a pose looking upwards, the fabric that covers the ears and the neck is downwards, revealing the ears, which we did not have to draw until now.

Just make them round. You don’t have to draw details.

It seems the back head behind the ears will show a little, so draw them in.
Draw a bit tired expression in accordance with the pose.
Just draw in alphabet E, then you will see a gnawed chin.

If you want the arm behind the waist, it will be more natural to have the elbow bent.

The fingers could be expressed with simple lines.

Draw the bent back behind the arms and put in a chubby tummy that starts from the neck. Then draw waist line for the pants.

The most important part is not the neat lines or detailed shape; you need to focus on which part goes first and which part goes behind. If you keep that in mind, you will have a more dimensional drawing.

The best part about this pose is that you only need to put in only one arm and one leg. The leg and arm on the opposite side cannot be seen, but you know they are there.

With the waistline from no.15 at the standard, just draw one part of the pant and one leg.

Lastly, fill the pants with black.

Leaving the white line is, as said, a way of presenting richness to the drawing.
You may also fill it totally.


We have drawn a kid of four poses.

After all, you may notice that the number of lines is lower than you may have thought.
Drawing well is difficult for everyone, but anyone could draw.

It is important that you repeat the same drawing.
Drawing what you like consistently is as important.
My thought is that it is important to draw to draw well, but what is more important is enjoying drawing.

It is same as singing.
Anyone could sing, but not many could sing well.
Whether you sing well or not, enjoying singing is good for oneself.

It is the same with drawing.

Drawing well is good, but it is still the joyful even if you do not draw well.

I hope every PENUP users could enjoy their drawing life.

Thank you.

This drawing tip really conveys the artist’s insights and philosophy towards drawing.

The delicate real drawing is not all what is good, and you can never say simple drawing is easy drawing.

Do you agree with the statement that your attitude towards the drawing is the most important part?

Please upload on live drawing category when you are uploading or put hashtags #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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