2015-01-27. PM 02:36
  • Hello~ PEN.ples!!

    The app, which is introduced today, is “Silk Paints.” With it, you can draw wonderful lines as if waving a magic wand. Just several simple movements will give you marvelous and exceptional fun of drawing.
  • As a simple example, draw a burning heart like the image above. Doesn’t it look like flaring up? Select a special brush of Basic/Neon/Ice/Fire which would best represent the magic effect to do a rough sketch, and mix it with a different effect of another brush, which will double the effect.
  • While drawing, the effect will permeate the sketch and be enhanced.
  • And then, apply the ice set brush of a cool feeling to the right side of the heart. A pink shade will appear while the existing orange and the added blue are intermingled naturally.
    Isn’t it really beautiful?
  • A red heart with a warm and strong feeling and a blue heart with cold and hard-edged feeling are mingled to create a new heart which gives a feeling of mystery and attraction.
  • Once finished with the work, you can check the process from the first and the final phase by clicking “PLAY(->)” at the top right.

    And you can upload and share it by clicking “Share” onto your SNS and PEN.UP. Share the magical pictures created with Silk Paints with PEN.UP friends. Upload lots of drawings by Share-PEN.UP.
  • There are many pictures uploaded on Silk Paints Facebook page. We are looking forward to seeing the performance of Penple. ^^
  • Using Silk Paints, you can not only draw simple lines but also create different styles including special effects and personalized backgrounds.
    We hope that one day we will learn Tip and Drawing from a Penple who is excel at Silk Paints.^^
    With PEN.UP, just give it a try to SILK PAINTS right now!
  • Click on the link below for the download. :D<