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[In app] Draw Santorini

Hello PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip was provided by live drawing artist @riahn.

The image that we will draw with today’s drawing tip is Santorini, Greece.

It is a reputable tourist attraction among many with a town of the blue roofed white buildings surrounding Mediterranean sea.

The art piece that we will introduce today can be checked out on Streets category under Live Drawing menu.

Are you all ready?

We will get started.

TUTORIAL by @riahn

Draw Santorini

Hello PENUP users.
We have met with the Live Drawing at the renewed PENUP.
I am riahn.

I was not quite used to the mobile device drawing, but as I started drawing the small parts repeatedly, I got used to it.

Then, I felt different attraction from the paper drawing.

In addition, you can leave your drawing process via video, so you can check how your own drawing skills improved as if you are a viewer~!!

Now we will share the drawing tips.
I am always opened to feedback

The main element will be Santorini of Greece.
It is indeed attractive place that anyone would want to visit.
This is also a place that I love.

Drawing the side with about two colors and striking a line would be good element enough for us to make the dimensional feel.

I will not do a sketch, and I will complete the drawing only with the lines and highlight colors with a marker.

The thickness of line will be all the same at marker size 1.
Shall we now enjoy PENUP then?

To set a building at the right bottom, get the right angle with marker (size 1).

I am going to set the basic atmosphere with blue, so I will use navy for lines instead of black.

I am drawing railing on the house rooftop terrace. There is principles but no rules.

You can have not straight lines; just move freely. It doesn't matter if the x shaped railing is different.

The important part is that you need to paint again inside the railing to give thickness.

If the railings are connected one by one, you will find dimensions and space.
Then, erase the overlapped part on the x shape with eraser (size 1).

Color once more to give thickness to the top part of the railing.

You need to have details for the former part to get dimensions.

White and mint are the colors that one may recall when they think of Santorini!

Now, we will make a door that will open path to inside the building.
The color will be mint and the marker size will be 14.

Get the shape of the door on top and we will have the door slightly opened.

When you draw the building, you may leave the door or window opened a bit to give stories to the drawing.

Of course, this way, you could also get some space feel.

How you do this is simple.
Just select a color darker than mint and recolor inside the door frame. As simple as that!

Color the small window and the small swimming pool with mint color marker (same color as above).

Give thickness to the lines inside the swimming pool. To give the swimming pool feel, strike several short horizontal lines with eraser (size 1).

You may use white marker size 1.
This small effect will give afternoon atmosphere with the water reflecting under sunshine.

Then draw the parasol and other building shapes.
Small lines will come together to show the height of the town.

Now, it is time for us to draw the church rooftop, which is the highlight Santorini drawing.

Use blue marker (size 20) to draw the building dome type rooftop.

Do not be deeply concerned with the shape; it could be natural. Just draw as if you are spreading out the color to smudge it and get the circle frame in place.

The important part here is the location of the blue chunk, not the shape or structure.

Line work is not about striking lines in the order of painting; the color may stick out and you may not have enough colors.

For the parts that stick out from the lines, erase the top parts only with care so that the drawn lines would not disappear.

Then draw the detailed lines inside.

Once rooftop shape is completed, draw blue windows under the building.

Draw with the same color and marker (size 10) as the blue rooftop.

Give thickness to the windows with lines and draw the rest of the building.

Now take a moment, checking out the harmony with surrounding buildings.

Then, you will get one more blue chunk at the left bottom that will give balance to the drawing.

The color goes the same with the blue rooftop that you’ve just drawn. Like how you just did, draw the roof chunk as if you are smudging it.

Now draw the building structure beneath the roof.

Get the dome shape with rooftop dome with a line. Erase the parts that stick out with eraser (size 2).

For the inner part of the front building and the part that comes straight down, express the details with a short vertical line.

You can feel the inner part and thickness only with small details.

Then draw the upper building and parasol shape with a line.

Also, add a line to the dark part inside to get shadow effect.

Set the marker size at 26 and add a bit more white to blue color of the roof.

Color it as if the roof is shining under the sunlight.

Like the shiny water in the swimming pool, I left time in the drawing.

Color the top part of the roof with the color and market same as above.

If you are all done, add details with line market for the roof thickness alongside with a bit of shades and shory lines that give thickness.

Do some touches with small taps.

Now we are all done!

It would have been difficult as it was explanations without sketch.

If you have difficulty starting at first, you may get the big chunks with a pencil and get some details with pen. This way, you can draw more easily.

I do not put focus on straight lines or accurate lines.
Instead, I draw in a way that I could express with lines and sides that see. So, I may get lines that come out or parts that are quite awkward.

But, with practice, I got my own style of shapes which became my own features.

I recommend that you enjoy drawing many more times with PENUP Live Drawing.

Thank you.

How was it?

The quote “there is principles but no rules” came to me with a strong meaning.
Many people show hesitation drawing bold lines because they feel they have to be perfect in drawing.

Through this drawing, you may get rid of such hesitation and draw boldly the tourist attractions you want to go or the towns you live with lines and sides one by one.

When you upload, please upload on the live drawing category or put hashtags #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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