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[In app] Draw a bowl of rice topped with eggs

Hello, PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip was provided by @mossulmo, a live drawing artist.

The drawing that we will do with the drawing tip today is “egg topped rice”.
Topped rice is frequently enjoyed in Asian countries where the rice is the major meal.

Rice is the main menu where it is put in a circular bowl and enjoyed with various ingredients.

The art piece that we will introduce today can be met in the food category in the live drawing menu.

Are you all ready?
Let us get started.

TUTORIAL by @mossulmo

Draw a bowl of rice topped with eggs

Hello, PENUP users.

Today, I will give you some drawing tips on rice topped with eggs.
Shall we start?

I only used the pencil tool from PENUP Live Drawing.

First of all, allocate the outline of the bowl, in which the egg rice will be filled, at the location you want.

Then, sketch out the outline of the rice and the yolk inside that circle.

At this point, use the main color that will fill the objects for the outline.
I used light grey for the bowl and the yellow color for the yolk of the egg.

It is time to fill in the main color. First, fill in with the yellow of the yolk.

Since I chose white for the main color of the bowl. Color inside the bowl and the shade of the support with grey to get the shade.

Soy sauce should come along in the egg topped rice, right?

Put in the flowing soy sauce in between the egg white and the white rice to divide the white part naturally.

Color the soy sauce with brown, the color of the outline.
When you color the wide part, adjust the thickness of the pencil tool to fill the part more quickly!

Put on some sliced welsh onions on top of the egg whites.
When you draw in natural style instead of making it too balanced, the drawing would look better.
I put emphasis more at the middle and spread out around.

Now, get the darker side of the yolk, welsh onion and the white rice.
When you want to get the shade of the yolk, draw in crescent moon in the darker part and fill in with the color. This way, you can get more dimensions.
For the whites and the rice part, use grey line to get darker side for depiction.

Put in the pattern that you like in the bowl.
I used lines and dots to get stripes in.
You can put in whatever patterns you want; just be careful of the bowl shape!

Depict the lightest part in the yolk to add in the dimensions.
Put in light colors in the welsh onion to make it look richer.

Lastly, put in brown dots on top of the egg to get the parched sesame salt feel. Here, your egg topped rice bowl is done!

We did a simple drawing with one tool.
I hope that my drawing tip will help you draw your one delicious bowl!

This could be a familiar or unfamiliar theme depending on your cultures.
But, this would have helped you drawing the food you like with the detailed expression or shade points on the food ingredients for you to draw foods.

When you upload your drawing, please upload on the Live Drawing category or use the hashtags #LiveDrawing #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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