2015-01-22. AM 09:17
  • Hello~PEN.ples!

    As a follow-up to Artist, miyune’s personification vol1, we are going to complete the beautiful baobab tree character.
    Are you ready? Then let’s get started^^
  • ■ "Drawing branches"
  • 1. Choosing brushes
  • Select Tree Branch Brush to render branch parts. With this bush, you can easily create the typical appearance of tree barks using simple touches. If you click on Brush Option, you can adjust the properties of a brush.
  • 2. Rendering branches ①
  • Add a layer to render branches. Create branches considering the basic sketch. After adding another layer to create an appearance with richness and volume, touch the tips of branches with a different color.
    Can you feel the freshness on the tips of the branches?
  • 3. Rendering branches ②
  • Select Leaf Brush to render leaves. Add a layer, and render leaves.
    Wow! The baobab tree looks a lot handsomer.
  • 4. Rendering branches ③
  • Let’s add some texture to leaves as well.
    Click on Option from Layer Tool, and select “Add”, which increases the saturation. It’s become more natural.
  • ■ "Background and Details "
  • 1. Decorating the background
  • Select Grass Brush to create a background, and apply it. Too monotonous with grass only? Then plant some flowers.
  • 2. Adjusting transparency
  • Decrease the transparency so that the background could not more conspicuous than the main character. ^^
  • 3. Rendering details
  • Now let’s make the baobab tree not too boring. Touch here and there using Leaf Brush.
    For this case as well, decrease the transparency using a screen of Layer Option. Now it looks a lot richer.
  • 4. Completion
  • Write your own signature, and that will complete the personified character of a baobab tree.
    Isn’t it marvelous and funny?
  • We hope that miyune’s Tip and Drawing has been helpful to your passion for drawing.
    PEN.UP Team encourages everyone who loves drawing.