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[In app] Draw people

Hello, PENPLEs!

Today’s tutorial was provided by @icegido, a live drawing artist.

The theme is on drawing humans.
The image that we will draw through the drawing tip today is the back of an old couple holding hands.

The artwork that we will introduce today can be checked out via People category in Live Drawing.

The category is people, but you could expand the scope to fashion through adaptation, right?

Are you all ready?
Let’s get started.

TUTORIAL by @icegido

Draw people

Hello, PENUP users!

I am illustrator icegido, and I have brought you some drawing tips todays.

I will do my best to help you draw in a fun and easy way.

I hope that PENUP will be more positioned as fun hobby for your leisure and entertainment, not for competition. :)

Let us then get started.

First, locate the head on a proper spot on the screen.
The person on the right will be grandfather, and the left one would be grandmother.

Draw the size of face, and get the bigger shapes like the grandfather’s hat and coat.

Draw the upper part of the grandfather, and draw an ecobag with red color on his right shoulder.

It’s time to draw the legs of the grandfather.
You need to come up with proper size that goes proportionate with the upper body.

Straight legs would not give the grandfather like feeling, so I folded the pants.

It’s time to draw the grandmother on the left.
Locate the thick hair of the grandmother.

Like how you’ve done for the grandfather, draw the upper body for grandmother.
If the grandmother’s upper body is bigger than the grandfather’s, the proportion will be strange.
So, let her upper body be smaller than the grandfather’s.

Then, draw the grandmother’s legs.
You need to put in the skirt waving in wind, calves and the shoes.
The length of her legs should be aligned with the tip of the grandfather’s feet.

(Since they are walking the same path, their feet need to come to the same spot.)

Now, you need to put in some details to the clothes.
Color the neck and the sleeves of grandmother with darker color.

Also, put a color darker than the beneath color for the parts where both grandmother and grandfather’s arms and the torso overlap to give a feeling of classification.

It’s time to get the shade and lgiht for granny’s hair.
You need to use colors lighter and darker than the underneath colors to present this dark and shadow.
Imagining curly hair, try to express with a bracket shape ( instead of straight lines.

Give details to the ecobag that the grandfather is holding.
I drew the ecobag composed of lines, but you may as well put in other details like flowers upon your preference.

Then, give details to the hat that grandfather is wearing.
It’s not something to be detailed, so just draw with a bit darker color for the parts that have stitches.

Now, put in flower patterns to grandmother’s skirt.

For those who want other patterns aside from flowers, you may also go for dotted patterns or stripes.

If you are doen with the patterns, draw the outline with darker color.
*Also, color with darker color in the shades of face and calves.

Also, select darker color for the barrier of the arms and torso that have been done in pictures 7 and 8 and recolor with thin lines.

The overall drawing is done, but since there is lack of details, change to thin pencil tips and neatly do the barriers of face, wrinkles around the skirt and the bag.

Lastly, finish the drawing with the details on the hair and the shadows of the grandmother and grandfather.

Hope this would make you understand the whole process better. Thank you.

Usually, when you draw the a human, it is difficult to naturally express the face or the moving posture.

For those who had difficulties in depicting the face, you may express the movements by drawing the back of the people through this drawing tip.

When you upload your works, please upload on Live Drawing category or put in hashtags #LiveDrawing #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.
Thank you.

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