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[In app] Draw a cafe

Hello, PENPLEs!

Today’s drawing tip was provided by Live Drawing artist @gayun.

The topic is drawing coffee shop.
To be more accurate, we will draw beverages and dessert on a tray.

You may change the beverages and desserts reflecting your own preference and adding more details.
The artwork that is to be introduced can be seen in Cafe category in Live Drawing.

Are you all ready? Let’s get started.

TUTORIAL by @gayun

Draw a cafe

Hello, PENUP users.
I am artist Park Gayoon, a Live Drawing artist.

This drawing tip will be drawing various milk and desserts on big tray.
There are diverse tools, but since it is a simple illustration, we will use only one tool to complete.

We will have no other special technique with only simple lines and colors which will make it easy to draw!

First, set the pencil tip to the smallest size and select grey.

Once you finish setting the pencil, start the sketch right away.
As the title says, draw the big tray, as well as milk and various desserts.

When you are done with the sketch, set the pencil tool to thicker tip and color it.
It is more efficient to color all the parts with the selected color and change to other color.

I selected red first to color the cherry tomatoes, strawberries on top of the cake, pattern of the milk and strawberry jam.
You can keep drawing this way.

Color other parts in sequence.

I kept the tray separate to color it at the last stage and colored other parts; but you may also color it together.

I put the parts that need consideration for color selection for last stage. This way, I can draw fast and have more time thinking along.

When you are done with the coloring, select the pencil tool to the smallest by 1 point and select brown to get the outline.

Black is preferable, but I chose brown for more natural feeling.

Outlining it makes it neater and denser with just simple process.

Then, go right into depicting the outer side of the bread, strawberry seeds, milk label and jam patterns without the setting change.

Afterwards, set the pencil color to white and draw the light or the cover of the milk.
Using white will give more effect and add more energy to the drawing.

But if you use it too much, it will look more complicated. We recommend you use just appropriately.

Now, start the tray coloring that was left for color consideration and the outlining.

I wanted to make the desserts stand out, so I colored the tray with a color that doesn’t stand out.

All completed.

This is a simple illustration that used only a single tool.

I hope that everyone would have drawn in their own styles with the reference tip.
Thank you. :)

This was a drawing tip featured very cute drawing.

Try your own artworks with small objects all together.

Please upload the artworks from the tutorial in Live Drawing category or put hashtags #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tip.

Thank you.

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