2015-01-21. AM 05:32
  • Hello, PEN.ples!

    Have you seen the video in which miyune gives a lecture on how to make robot characters by personifying objects? Here is another marvelous tip for drawing by ‘miyune’.

    That is to make “a baobab tree” into a character by drawing.
    Now, let’s draw a cute baobab tree in 'Little Prince'.
  • ■ "Forming basic contours"
  • 1. Preparing for drawing
  • After creating a canvas, add a layer using the layer tool. Then, bring a picture for personification on the canvas.
    A baobab tree has come out!
  • 2. Basic sketch
  • Select the airbrush. Pick a proper color from the picture, do rendering and simplifying focusing on the big chunk.
    Find the parts which look like eyes and emphasize them. Give legs as well!
  • 3. Rendering shades
  • Choose a lighter color, and apply it on the light parts. Choose a medium color between light and dark, and smudge it slightly.
  • 4. Rendering figures and eyes
  • Choose the pencil tool to give more definite rendering. Draw pupils like human eyes, and give highlights and shades to create protruding eyes.
  • 5. Creating volume
  • Pick a darker color than the original one to render the dark areas.
    Let’s tackle the dark parts more. Smudge the conspicuous parts using the air brush.
  • 6. Clearing off the surroundings
  • Choose the erase to clear off the surroundings, and rub the surroundings of the contour, clearing off.
  • ■ "Creating texture"
  • 7. Creating texture ①
  • Select the brush to give a sense of texture on the simple shades, and take the lighter parts and touches the borders.
  • 8. Creating texture ②
  • Create a new layer against mistakes.
    If you want to give more volume on the texture, take the light color pencil brush to create a natural comb pattern. Find the highlight color and give touches.
  • We have rendered the trunk of a baobab tree until now, and will learn how to create the branches and background in the second lecture. You can look forward to the second lecture to find out how a baobab tree can be changed into a cute character. ^^