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[In app] Draw a landscape in Denmark

Hello PENPLEs!
Today’s drawing tip was provided by @jeju_art, a live drawing artist and PENUP user.

The theme is draw a landscape in Denmark.
The artwork that we will introduce today can be checked out in landscape category among Live Drawing.

Are you all ready?
Let us get started.

TUTORIAL by @jeru_art

Draw a landscape in Denmark

Hello PENUP users,
My name is Yeo Im-kyung, and I am an illustrator with PENUP name @jeru_art.

In this drawing tutorial, we will draw a street cafe view in Denmark.
Although I have never been to Denmark, I came to draw this because I got inspired by a photograph that I saw on my friend’s SNS channel who lives in Denmark.

I hope that you would also try drawing the landscapes of the places you want to travel to feel as if you are traveling there.

We must prepare drawing tools first, right?
Since I mainly use PENUP’s drawing tools for digital drawing, PENUP users do not have to use another set of program for this tutorial.

First, when you select an art piece from PENUP Live Drawing, you can check various drawing tools like above.

Minimize the crayon tool to the lowest size.
Then, I will start the drawing with the people that will come at the very front.

In order to give more of a street cafe look, it will be better to have gestures like drinking beverage or talking to others instead of just sitting down.

Next, draw the background.
Since we will draw the very big tree in the front, just allocate simply the location of the tree trunk.
Then, fill out the sky or river background.

When I color the background, I set the water color tool size to 70 - 100 and transparency level to 50-60%.

This way, you can have a smooth background color without nothing standing out too much.
But since the transparency level is too high, you need to keep in mind that the color will be very weak.

When you color the sky, you need to set the watercolor tool size to lower level.
Think of the white background as the clouds and fill out the parts that do not have clouds with sky.

On the other hand, there is a method of coloring the clouds as if you are erasing with white watercolor on the light blue colored background.

Continue to use the lowered level watercolor tool to simply draw the buildings and tree shapes around the river.

Now again, use the crayon tool to start draw the leaves.
Since the detailed depiction will come later, maximize the crayon tool size to draw very roughly.

Use this crayon tool to get some details of the background such as the buildings, trees and river that had been briefly drawn with watercolor tool.

Add another person at the front.
It is a person riding on the bicycle.

Shall we draw the rest of tables and chairs?

Now, it seems we have all the elements that need to be in the drawing.

It is now the detail stage.
If you have more in the background, get details for the front side. If you have too many things at the front, you need to work more on the background. This way, you could balance out overall drawing.

(For those who use S pen, draw in the same way you do it with the paper; draw with more strength for the front size and less power for the background. In this way, you can adjust the power.)

Put in more details for the building and forest in the background.
Get back to the front side for richer trees and branches presentation.
We will get in more sophisticated details.
This time, we will use color pencil tool that enables thinner depiction.

Adjust the color pencil tool size to 50 to make the color pencil texture stand out.

Put in details for the areas that need more depiction - the pattern of the basket on the bicycle, the texture of the trunk and the leaves of the tree at the front.


Actually, when you do landscape, you may end up hesitating where you need to start first.
When you try to finish up, you see parts that need more touches and more depiction.

Depending on the level of completion, the drawing may look like a realistic drawing or an illustrator type drawing.
Don’t worry; you can have more details or less depending on your preference.
I completed in an illustration style.

Draw the place you want to go on traveling.

You may not have been there, but it seems you are already there.
It will be the best if you draw on that very site.:)

Collect scenes by scenes of the landscapes which you can come across quite commonly in daily life to leave the records of the day.

When you collect all these at one time, you can get to know the traces and the emotions of yourself in the past.

If you feel difficulty due to lack in skills, you can follow along the live drawing.

When you upload your drawing, you can upload in the live drawing category or add hashtags #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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