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[In app] Draw a masterpiece


We have brought you a special tip today.

Have you checked out Live Drawing, a new feature at PENUP?

Live Drawing is a feature that lets you see the end to end drawing process from diverse difficulty levels - easy to hard - and even enables you to draw by tracing on top of the drawing.

The artwork that we are going to introduce today is Amedeo Modigliani’s “Jeanne Hebuterne in Large Hat” which you could check out in popular artworks menu.

This drawing embraces Modigliani’s love towards Jeanne Hebuterne.

You can see the special features of Modigliani’s work - long neck, oval face and round neck.

One particular point in this artwork is the eyes.
Modigliani always left the portraits without drawing the pupils.

When Jeanne asked the reason, he was said to have had responded as below:

“I will put in the pupils once I understand even your soul.”

Despite this love, they came to a tragedy.
Modigliani died of pulmonary tuberculosis and his lover Jeanne committed suicide following him.

You can come up with interpretations from different point of view when you get to know the full story behind a reputable artwork.

It is now time to draw his artwork.
Are you ready?

Let us get started


Draw a masterpiece

Hello PENUP users.
My name is Jeon So-hyun and I am a live drawing artist.

Today, we will use Live Drawing to draw “Hebuterne in Large Hat” by globally beloved artist Amedeo Modigliani!

We will do this step by step on white canvas for digital art just like how you need a paper or canvas before you start hand drawing!

First there is a series of brushes of diverse materials and colors along with white canvas of live drawing.
The material tool shows that you can try different expressions with water color tool, marker tool, pencil, color pencil and oil painting.
You can feel as if you are using diverse materials while drawing.

First let us draw the outline, which is the most critical part in drawing.
We use the marker to get the lines done.

You need to think about many different types of shapes and get the big shapes drawn for sketch instead of paying attention to small details when you draw a person.

I chose a brush to draw a clearer outline, but it is okay to use a pencil tool to do the outline.

When you draw the upper body like above, you may get bigger circle of the face done to balance out the shape and proposition. So, get the big shape done and roughly outline the position of the hand, eyes and nose. This way you could finish the first part - outline.

The most critical part here is that you need to think that you are getting rough outline for the big shape and composition instead of thinking about accurate shapes.

Once you are done with the big outline you will get into depict through coloring.
I will use an oil painting like brush, which is my most favorite brush at PENUP.

This is a brush useful for natural mix and expression like reputable drawing, so it is just the right tool to present the reputable artwork.

Adjust the size of oil painting brush to fill out the background.
Get within the sketch line for filling. But even if the colors get into the line, you do not have to worry as we will get the lines removed at the last stage.

Once you are done with the key background of the artwork, you need to make one more touches to the background color and sketches.

First, if you spot orange and yellow color and smudge the face part with the oil painting brush, you can have a more natural gradation and color mix.

Select the skin color palette and draw the darker line around the outline.

The reason we are doing this is to get the lines neat when coloring and to get natural expression with diverse color mix of oil painting brush.

We will do skin expression once we are done with the oil brush line touch.
You do this by mixing the yellow and orange with oil painting brush on top of the skin palette you’ve previously chosen to express the color shades.

You can express more diverse color mix and shades if you draw with an oil brush of the smallest size, 1.

As you mix the color, you need to use the oil painting brush to smudge orange color and yellow color for darker part and light part, respectively, to get a more natural skin tone.

If you are almost done with the skin expression, you will go for eye color, the most amazing part in this artwork, nose and mouth.

Adjust the size of crayon brush or pencil brush to 1 for delicate touch and start working on it.
Details and colors of eyes, nose and mouth are more appropriate for small eyes, nose and mouth instead of bigger brushes of oil painting.

When you are done with the underline of the face, you will start the stage of coloring the overall outline with the oil brush.

Like the skin texture expression, you could diversely mix brownish tones and color by smudging it on the darker lines to get natural shade effect and to give similar presentation with the original artwork.

It is now time for us to neatly get the lines and coloring done after the overall coloring.

For better and clearer presentation, select pencil brush and draw silhouette line with darker color. Also draw the silhouette on the eyes, nose and lip outline with the color similar to the skin tone.

We are at the organize and finalizing stage; you get rid of unnecessary lines, extract the existing colors by using a spoid around the less colored parts and the unfinished parts. Crossly ise the oil painting brush and pencil brush to get the level of the drawing done.

We are finally in the last stage.

The last stage is about adding style to the artwork.

Use oil painting brush for the dark background with three to four times strokes with a darker color than the original background color. This way you can express more in-depth feel of the shades.

You need to use more classic and oil painting texture like Modigliani artwork to get the classical feeling, right?

In order to give the volume texture of oil painting, choose a crayon and conte style brush. Select a darker tone than the overall color for background fill.

The important part here is that you need to enlarge the brush size to make it leveled out.


If you draw by referring to the original piece and the drawing tip, you will surely enjoy the completed work.
Concentrate on enjoying your work; I hope you could all get satisfying results.

Thank you:)

Actually, the reputable artworks are just world class, so many of you may have felt burden.

With Live Drawing,
you can easily trace along.
This is the reputable artwork you work on your own.
Try this with PENUP live drawing.

When you upload your artworks, upload them in the live drawing category or put #LiveDrawing or #DrawingTips hashtags.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you.

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