2015-01-08. AM 07:37
  • Hello, PENples~.

    Here is the mobile drawing lecture, the fourth, for Penple. ^_^
  • ■ "Joy of the painting!" 4th part
  • For this lecture, PEN.UP’s popular artist, bbbbbun and PEN.UP team joined efforts.
    The theme of bbbbbun’s lecture is to draw using your own imagination on the pictures taken from our surroundings.
    And you can learn how to create textures, from which you will feel the real attractions of digital drawing.
  • Click on the link below for the full version. :D
  • We are grateful to @bbbbbun for your well prepared lecture.
    More mobile drawing lectures will come. You can look forward to them ^^

    Any PEN.PLES interested in filming these videos should contact us to the below email.