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Hello, PENPLEs.

This is the last tutorial by @rang.

We’ve done many tutorials on different national costumes.
Today’s costume that we will draw is Swiss national costume “Lederhosen & Dirndl”.

Lederhosen is the costume that the men living around Alps wear.
It is a bit lengthy shorts made of calf or goat leather.

Dirndl is a women’s costume; it uses cotton textile and is made of various colors and patterns.
Wearing an apron in front of the skirt is its special feature.

These costumers are not only worn in Switzerland, but also in Austria and Germany.

Now, shall we begin with using Medibang Paint app?

TUTORIAL by @rang


with MediBang Paint

Hello, PENPLEs!
This is @rang.

Today’s topic for “Drawing a character in global national costumers” is “Lederhosen & Dirndl” of Switzerland.

Lederhosen is a man’s costume and Dirndl is a woman’s costume.
You may have seen these costumes in movies.

I presented the costumes in couple in a cute manner, because I thought these costumes go very well with blue sky, green field and splendid Alps.

The drawing technique is pretty much the same, so please follow along step by step.

I also used basic brush this time.
Now, let us begin.

Now, set the canvas size.
Lock Layer 1, and on Layer 2, get the composition done and start sketch.

I will draw the background too.
So I added a layer to put in the basic location and composition.

Next comes line drawing.

Since we are going to draw a background, while separating the character and the background apart,
I did not directly add the layer but instead I made a folder first and added layers in the folder to do the line drawing.

Since we are drawing two characters, having too many layers will make it less convenient.
So, combine the first sketch tool.

Next, lower the transparency level in order to do a neat line drawing.

Next, it’s time for line drawing.
Do it slowly but neatly.
When you are to do two character drawing, sketch the one character first.

And then add another layer for the other character.
Clean up the parts where the characters overlap.

Then combine the finished sketches.
Add another layer beneath the line drawing and color the underground color inwards to the line drawing.

I used grey for the underground color.
Then, I added layers in the order of skin, hair and clothes.
I selected clipping while coloring.

The technique is written in details in the former drawing tips.

If you have done the underground coloring, select grey layer.
Then press “select portion” in the select tool.
Press the “Inverse selection” one more time, and then release the clipping on all the layers where they were clipped.
Erase neatly with eraser.

Once you are done erasing, go into the select tool again for “Deselect”.
You are done with the first round of coloring as you can see now.

Before we go into the second round of character drawing, we will decorate the background first. The reason is to minimize awkwardness when we add background.

Due to eye fatigue, I put in a bit darker color first and do underneath coloring.
Since we are going to remove it later, let us add a layer and do the coloring.

Since I am going to draw the couple leaning against the rock on the hill, I drew the field and hill on one layer and the rock where the couple leans against was drawn on a separate layer.

Add new layers as you add more colors for the background just like how you do it with the character.
Once you are done, let us move to the character coloring.

Let us put in the same light and shade as we did last time.

Add a new layer in the basic underneath color.
Then, do the clipping and put in the shade and light.
When you put in the light and shade, it is recommendable that you select darker color that is not too thick.

This time, don’t color the character several times. Just put in the dark and light and move to the background.

We will use the acryl brush for the light and shade in the background.
Adjust the transparency level to middle to a bit lower. Color it by taking into consideration the direction where the light comes from.
Add a new layer as you add new colors.

It’s now time for us to come up with flowers and grass in the background.
Add a new layer and check “apply foreground color” in the acryl brush setting window.
Then set the color jitter to 35-40.
Select green for grass and yellow for flowers and start stamping.
Then, the colors will combine naturally for natural presentation.

This time color the trees at the farther sight with darker green color.
Slash not too lengthy by stamping from top to bottom as if the trees were flowing down.

Today, we only put dark and light to the characters without second round painting.
In order to present a more natural look, we need a bit more light and shade.
Add a new layer at the very top of the layer tool. Then, select air brush.

Go into the layer blending and set it as “overlay”.
I used a bit darker purple for the color.

I like using purple for skin because it makes the color look brighter while giving more in-depth light and shade.

Slash the hills, and for the parts around the characters where you want more light and shade,
lower the transparency level and paint bit more until you have the colors you want.

We are at the last stage.

Add another layer and set the “overlay setting.”
Combine white and a bit yellow color and slash it in the direction indicated with air brush.

Now complete.

Do you see a girl waking up a friend taking a nap under the sunlight?

This is my last tutorial.
I also learned a lot from others’ drawing tips.

I had hoped that my drawing tips would be helpful for others, but don’t know how it turned out.
I will continue to come up with good artworks from where I am now.

Thank you.

How was it?
If you have any drawing tips that you’ve missed, refer to @rang’s drawing tips to give yourself a try to draw various national costumes.

It is quite sad that this is the last time. But please join us in thanking and cheering @rang, who has given us very useful drawing tips.

We will come back with next drawing tips.

Thank you. :)

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