2014-12-19. AM 10:37
  • Hello, PENples~.

    The PEN.UP team has prepared "let's draw part 3" with miyune.
    We've tried portraits and scenery drawings, so let's give character drawing a try!
  • ■ "The Joy of Painting:" 3rd part
  • For penples who love to imagine and having it come alive through drawing will find this video quite interesting.
    Learn miyune's know-hows through this video. You will be able to observe an object to find out an element to personify and add your own ideas to create a whole new character.
  • Click on the link below for a full version. :D
  • Since we know how brilliant you are, we can't help but to have high expectations.
    Thanks to @miyune for giving a great lecture for the penples.
    Let's continue to “Joy of Painting” series for your enjoyment.

    Don't forget! PEN.UP team is always rooting for those of you who love drawing.

    Any PEN.PLES interested in filming these videos should contact us to the below email. ^^