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[SketchBook] 환상적인 거실 그리기

Hello, PENPLEs : )
It’s time to get some drawing tips.
Our cozy home that grants us with a sense of relaxation to our tired body and mind is a plate that is precious for us and the most familiar place.
How will it be if our homes are totally refurbished a new place?
Today, @hosio will give us a tutorial on how to view an ordinary place with special imaginary perspective.
We will imbue a sense of creativity to living room, which is a familiar place for all of us.
Then, we will turn this into our smartphone device home screen image.

We will use SketchBook app today.
For those who have not yet installed this, please follow us along after installation.
It is not so difficult at all.

Now, let us begin.

TUTORIAL by @hosio

Draw a Fantastic Living Room

with SketchBook

Hello, PENPLEs!

Today’s illustration is make small imagination at home.
Home will be the most familiar and comfy place for all.
We will turn this place that you live in or you like into a more of a fantasy-like illustration.

We will use pink tone for this illustration.
You need to keep in mind the light and shade to have all tones set.

The canvas size is set to 1080 x 1920.

Call out the living room photo and allocate it at the screen.
There is quite much empty space in the bottom, so I will use this as my home screen image.

Let us lower the opacity of the photo so that it will not disturb us while drawing.

Refer to the light and shade in the photo and select the pinkish colors.
Then, draw the wall using the straight line tool in the styles.

Then paint the wall with the fill tool.

Once you are done with the walls, paint the ceiling and floors with the same process.

Put the photo layer at the top and get ready to sketch the rest of the furniture.

We are going to draw a neat looking illustration, So, get the lines with sharp type brush.
We chose dark red color that stands out.
(Add a separate layer so that you can change the line color anytime.)

Trace the drawer lines and turn off the photo layer for a while to check the overall status.

After drawing the curtains, merge the line layers to integrate them all.

Although there is no photo frame, let us draw one on the blank wall.
Draw in the lines using straight line tool.

You can add more objects that are not present in the photo or even remove some objects.

Color the background color of the couch with the paint tool.
Then add in the light and shade taking into consideration the couch shape.

Once you are done with the couch light and shade, do the same for the curtain, filling in the background color and the light and shade.

Since everything is in light pink tone, I used darker color for the drawer.

After painting the desk, get the details of cushion done.

In order to give light and shade of the cushion, add another layer.
Change the new layer into multiply mode and fill in the light and shade.

When you want to get details of the floor, use the straight line tool in styles.

Take into consideration the transparency of the floor when drawing in the straight lines.
Then, erase with the eraser in a natural manner.

Add the drawing in the frame, and get the details object done.
Since the sketch line color stands out too much, paint with a color darker than that of the background color.

For fantasy-like impression, draw in planets here and there.

Use the circle tool for the planet hook.

Use the transform to adjust the location of the hook.

In order to get transparent feel of the hook, I adjusted the opacity level.

Add planet and shiny effect.
Then, add pink overlay layer to revise the colors.

Any familiar place can change into a totally different place of imagination if you look it at a little differently.
With @hosio’s drawing tips, let us try to draw an imaginary space of your own.
Don’t forget to set the drawing as your home image.

Please put in #DrawingTips hashtag when you upload PENUP artworks.
We will come back with another drawing tips next time. : )

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