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[Medibang Paint] Draw a girl in aodai

Hello! Penples.
Artist @rang is here with some drawing tips.
This time, we’re going to draw the traditional Vietnamese dress.
You can picture the garment instantly, right?
It is the aodai.

From the word ‘aodai’, ‘ao’ means ‘dress’, and ‘dai’ means ‘long’.
As you can tell from the name, an ‘aodai’ is a long dress.
It’s fragile yet pleasant silhouette is full of grace.
The long skirt which, with splits on either side, blows in the wind, adds to its elegance.
For Vietnamese women who have small shoulders and slim figures, they say it is the most flattering garment for them.

@rang is going to draw a girl wearing an aodai showing off a lotus pattern.
The drawing app we are going to use today is the Medibang Paint.
The artist has used various brushes before, and has shown us how to quickly and easily draw a girl.
Today, the artist will be only using the basic brushes from Medibang Paint.
So, should we start together? : )

TUTORIAL by @rang

Draw a girl in aodai

with MediBang Paint

Hello, I’m rang.
It’s already time for the fourth ‘drawing characters in global traditional costume’ series.
This time, we are going to draw the traditional Vietnamese ‘aodai’.

Vietnam is famous for its lotus flowers.
For this drawing tip, we will draw a girl wearing an ‘aodai’ with a lotus pattern.
We will only the basic brushes from the ‘Medibang Paint’ App.

First, set up the layers, and please check a ‘Lock’ on layer 1.
I recommend the big canvas size.

Let us sketch on the layer 2.
First, we will compose our character.
To emphasize the back of the girl’s silhouette, I chose a pose where she is looking behind her.

On the basic composition, slowly draw on the face structure, clothes, hair and props etc.
After you have a basic outline, erase any messy lines.
Sketch with clear lines.

After selecting the sketch layer, control the opacity.
You’ll can see quite fine between 10~14%.

On layer 3, draw a clean line-drawing.
Use the basic pencil brush for the line-drawing.

Delete the first sketch since it’s no longer needed and add a new layer.

Of course, You can just erase it and color the layer.

On the inside of the sketch, paint the base color.
I used grey, but other colors are okay too.

On top of the layer you just colored, add another layer, check a clipping and paint the base color one by one.

Neatly color in the order of: skin color – clothes – hair - and props.
Once done, get rid of clipping.

Select the first layer that was colored grey, ‘select’ – ‘inverse selection’ and in the order of base colors, erase any messy parts that occurred while coloring.

After erasing all the messy lines, press ‘deselect’.

We are now going to put in the shadow.
Add a layer to each base color and select clipping.
Color in using a color that is 2 shades darker than the base.

After adding one more layer each, select the ‘airbrush’ and on the inner outline of the first shadow, color it in additionally with a slightly darker shade.

When coloring, rather than filling everything in, think of giving it some contrast and color in lightly and you can have a natural look.

We are now going to put in some highlights.
After adding a layer under the line drawing, select the pen brush and its pen pressure.

To contour, slightly draw on any part of the body that sticks out or on the folds of the clothing for a three-dimensional effect.

Now, we are going to color in the background.
Add a layer under the grey layer, and from the darkest color to the lightest color create a gradation.

Add another layer on top of the line drawing, and select overlay from the blending options.

Select airbrush and lower the opacity to around 13% and choose the biggest brush size.
Next draw over the character.

Does it look like a girl in the warm sunlight?
It certainly goes well with the elegant aodai.
If you consider the pose, and direction of the wind and light, you can achieve a vivid depiction of your character.

I hope that you may all complete a great picture.

We have completed drawing a girl wearing a lovely aodai.
We have used Medibang Paint’s simple brushes to draw.
To draw animated figures using only simple brushes, we can demonstrate our skills using the tips that were given to us in great detail.
It doesn’t seem like much, but when we miss these small details, the pictures would end up flat with no personality.

Thank you to artist @rang for giving us these useful drawing tips.
Penple everyone, please express your gratitude at @rang’s fanbook!

For the next drawing tip a beautiful girl wearing traditional costume is waiting for us.
Please look forward to it! : )

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