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[Medibang Paint] Draw a girl in cheongsam

Hello, PENPLEs!
We’ve tried various cultural costumes of the world with artist @rang.
Today, we will draw a girl in cheongsam, the traditional cultural costume of China.

China’s cheongsam was first introduced during the Qing Dynasty.
cheongsam is very close-fitting, and it attractively shows the curves of the bodyline.
There is a side vent, which makes it comfortable, while giving the feminine beauty.
Also, there is sensible embroidery on magnificent texture.
The design of cheongsam is said to have been transformed from the Qing Dynasty up until now, reflecting the trends of particular time.

We cannot stop to wonder how @rang will present cheongsam.
Now, let us begin drawing a beautiful girl in cheongsam.
We will use MedibangPaint app for today’s tutorial.

It’s not going to be difficult, so let us all take a shot. : )

TUTORIAL by @rang

Draw a girl in cheongsam

with MediBang Paint

Hello, I am @rang.

For our tutorial on “Drawing character in global traditional costume”, we will try a “Girl in cheongsam”, which is the representative costume of China.
There seems to be many different types of cheongsam.
I drew a very simple one, but you may as well try different ones by searching whatever you want.

The girl in cheongsam in today’s tutorial will be video call on her smartphone.
The traditional costume somehow goes quite well with the smartphone, which is the icon of today’s time.

Now, let us begin.

First, set the size of the canvas.
I always get a big setting for the size.
Those who prefer narrow lines during sketch may try bigger canvas setting to make the lines seem narrower.

Once the canvas size setting is done, go and add a layer immediately.
Set the brush and start the sketch.

If you choose the handwringing correction, you will have smoother and neater lines.
No. 1 is the color, No. 2 is saturation and No. 3 is light and shade.

I don’t usually use the light and shade.
As I try not to use dark colors, I am reluctant to use the function except for character’s shadows or line drawing.

When you do saturation coloring, you may select the color and adjust the saturation level.
This way, you will have a neater outcome.

Decide on the gesture and draw it in.

It is recommendable to set the face first and put the neckline at the center for the rest of part.

Once the composition is done to some extent, draw in hair, clothes, shoes and accessories.

I drew a cheongsam of short length skirt and sleeveless.
After the Xinhai Revolution in 1919, the length of cheongsam was shortened to cut out unnecessary parts as the Chinese culture was influenced by the western apparel style.

Since I am drawing a girl using a smartphone, I thought it would be more suitable to draw a contemporary cheongsam rather than a traditional one.

Stay 1:1:1 proportion from eyes to eyes to make it look natural.

The sketch is almost done.
Now, it is time to do a neat line drawing on top of it.

Select the sketch layer and lower the opacity level in the setting.

Add a new layer and do the brush setting.

You can do a neater line drawing by adjusting the thickness and density of the line and using the hand wringing correction.

After the line drawing is done, erase all the initial sketches; you will now have neat line drawing.

Then, do background coloring for clipping of the layer underneath the line drawing.
Try to be as neat as possible by staying within the lines.

Add a layer on top of the line drawing.
Check “clipping” and fill out the background color.

You just have to repeat the same process as you add on a new color.

I paint over with light colors.
I use darker and darker color bit by bit for paint over.

The reason I set the overall background tone dark was to evade fatigue on eyes, but this is not a must.

Select the palette, press the “+” button and add the brush suitable for the background.

All the brushes are for free, and you just need to add the brush of your preference.

I downloaded “Light Brush” as I wanted to present the night view.

Color with darker color, and add layers, while changing the colors for slashes.

I colored the back of the character a bit more with “Soft Pastel Brush” that I used.

Now, we will do a highlight.
Add a new layer to color painting.
Then, I mixed white with a bit of yellow and tinted the color a bit on strings of hair and face.
I did it very slightly because too much highlight will not go along well with the night view.

Now comes the patterns on apparel.
Add a new layer on top of the clothes-colored layer.
Then, download “petal brush” and use light pink for presentation.

Erase it smoothly if it gets overpainted to inside of the costume.

It’s all done.
We drew a girl in cheongsam using video call via smartphone in front of a night view.
How was it?

More natural presentation is possible by properly adjusting the brush density and size.
But, practice is very important.
I hope you all can come up with good pieces by putting constant efforts.

This is it for today’s tutorial.
Thank you.

We had a tutorial with @rang.
I guess the fact that the girl is using a smartphone makes us seem familiar.
The whole setting goes well with the contemporarily designed cheongsam.

For those who are curious about the drawing tips, throw your questions in the Fanbook of the artist’s feed.
Also, don’t forget to leave messages of thanks!

Hang on there for our next drawing tip! : )

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