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[SketchBook] Draw a travel Illustration

Hello, PENPLEs : )

@hosio will tell us how to draw illustrations that will be used mobile phone’s wallpaper.
In the last lesson, we drew the memorable dishes from traveling spots.
We will also draw travel-themed illustrations this time as well.
If we leave the most memorable time during travel on our mobile phone wallpaper by drawing, won’t we feel like going somewhere for traveling?
Now, let us begin.

TUTORIAL by @hosio

Draw a travel Illustration

with SketchBook

Hello, PENPLEs!
I went to Fukuoka in Japan in early January.
Among the travel sites, “Nyoirinji” temple has left me some memories.
Nyoirinji is also called as a frog temple in the local area.
The reason is that it has got many frog sculptures in the temple.
In fact, I collect frog items as a hobby. Looking around the temple just thrilled me.

Today's tutorial will be themed on "Drawing travel illustrations".
It is good to photograph the memorable moments while traveling, but I guess it is of same fun drawing the memorable spots. :)

In this tutorial, we will do drawings that could be used as wallpaper.

Taking into consideration the "Clock widget" and "Menu Bar", the key illustration will come at the middle.

The layer size will be the basic size - 1080 x 1920.

First, use the "import image" to open the travel image that will be a reference for the illustration.

The size and location of the image can be adjusted by using "Transform".
Then, select "Symmetry" as we need to draw a symmetrical temple.

Do a simple sketch.
When you finish sketch, make it blurry by lowering the opacity level.

Add a new layer to get the lines.
When you draw the oval on the roof, select "Guides"
and set the "oval shape" to draw; this way, you can draw an oval shape in a more simple manner.

When you finish the roof, you need to add a new layer.
Then, use the styles - straight line and rectangle tool - to get the rest of lines.

The reason we add a new layer to get the lines is because it is difficult to revise if you only use one layer.

When you get all the lines, add another layer to start coloring.

Other sketches aside from the temple will be done after coloring.

When you do the coloring, it will be more convenient to turn on the "Symmetry".

We will to a simple illustration overall, so you don't need to do detail depict.

Color the background and get to the details right away.

It is now time for us to draw the patterns on the textile.

The patterns are symmetrical, so use the symmetry for drawing.

Then, use "Transform" to relocate.

You need to draw the patterns on the other side as well.
First, click on the pattern layer and use "Duplicate" to copy the layer.

Then, use "Transform" to convert the location symmetrical.

When you finish coloring, click line layer and press on the locker key to lock the layer.
You can only change the color of the line.

When you lock the layer, change line color upon your preference.

When you finish the coloring of the temple, add layer and lower the opacity level.
Prepare yourself to do the rest of the sketch.

Turn off the "Symmetry" and draw yourself into a character.

Like the temple sketch, just get some key points while drawing.

Color the sketch.
Don't get into too many details; just do a simple coloring.

Get the outlines of the frog structure, the symbol of the temple, and finish coloring.

If the background color is a monotonous color, it will look as if it is floating.
Draw the ground and erase the boundary with the grass.

Add a new layer and set it "Multiply" mode. Draw in the shadow.

Once the wrap work is done - details of the rooftop and texture on the rocks – the illustration is finished.

For the wallpaper, select "Gallery --> Select photo -> Set it as a wallpaper".

Here you go - a cool wallpaper.

@hosio's drawing tip makes me feel want to look back at the photos taken from the travel site.
It just makes me want to go on traveling right away.
It doesn't have to be traveling - any moment that inspired you in your daily life would be a good source of drawing.
Save the photo that you've put great care of in drawing, and set it as your mobile phone wallpaper to recall the precious memories.

See you in the next drawing tips. :)

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