2014-12-08. AM 05:55
  • Hello PENples

    The 2nd chapter of mongpic's oil painting style tips is now available.
    For the sake of your enjoyable drawing life, PENup team and Mongpic put our hearts together once again.
  • ■ The Joy of Painting: 2nd part
  • Following the 1st part - oil painting style portrait, we are introducing mongpic's landscape drawing methods in the 2nd part.
    This landscape painting made in Infinite Painter app on Galaxy Note 10.1 will let you feel different from the portrait drawing attractiveness . It would be more fun and beneficial to watch if you will try to compare two videos.
  • For the full version, click the link below. :D
  • Our thanks to @mongpic for the hard work done for the PENples.
    We hope digital drawing will become more fun with this tips of drawing landscapes.

    PEN.UP is always rooting for you.

    Any PENple interested in shooting a video to show there drawing style , please contact us by email address below.