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[SketchBook] Draw a food Illustration

Hello, PENPLEs : )
Today’s drawing tip is given by @hosio.

How did you feel about the previous drawing tip lesson from @hosio?
The artist taught us how to decorate the screen saver with the created drawing.
Today, the artist will tell us how to set the drawing for the home screen.
We press the home button in order to start the smart phone.
If we use the drawing for our home screens, the mobile phone home screen will become a precious one.

Today’s theme will be on drawing memories of the travel.
Food is something very important in trip.
The artist will draw delicious food illustrations during the tour.
The drawing app that will be used this time would be SketchBook.

Now, let us begin. : )

TUTORIAL by @hosio

Draw a food Illustration

with SketchBook

Hello, PENPLEs!
Today, I will use an illustration on foods.
I recently went to Japan for a trip.
A sushi restaurant that I visited during the trip to Japan popped in my mind, so I want to use that memory in the drawing tip.

In the previous drawing tip, we drew a home screen.
Today, let’s try a lock screen.

Draw a sketch while keeping the location of clock in the background screen in mind.
The sushi restaurant that I went to the one where the sushi dish was served via small toy train when the guests make order on tablet PC.

First, reduce the opacity level of the sketch layer and use the paint tool to fill in the background.

Then use the “styles-straight line tool” to draw in a neat table.
I used “airbrush” overall to make a neat looking illustration this time.

Then, use the “styles-oval tool” to draw a dish and use the “Transform” to correct the slanted location.

Then, select the dish oval layer and use the “Duplicate” to copy the oval layer and trim it in the dish format.

I will stop the dish coloring for a while and sketch the sushi.
I will make a tuna sushi.
It will be fun for you to draw the sushi dish that you like.

First, draw in the tuna with red color.

Lock the under color layer and put in shades.
The reason we lock the layer is to prevent additional revision if the color gets out of the way when coloring.

Use pink and white in the shaded tuna to depict details and draw in radish sprouts.
This drawing is so brief, we don’t need detailed description.

Draw in the order of under color, light shades and highlight (the lighter part).

Color the dish before drawing in rice and depict details.

Add new layer under the tuna layer and draw in the rice.

Combine the tuna and rice layer and use the ‘Duplicate’ to copy and relocate to make tuna set on the dish.

It’s now turn to draw in the dishes that have been piled after completing.
Use the ‘Duplicate’ for the sushi dish layer to copy.
Adjust the location to relocate it to upper right.

After moving the dish, draw the piles of dishes.

Use the “straight line tool” for chopsticks and use the “Duplicate” to copy one chopstick and to make it into two.

Then, I will draw a small water tab that I can use for water drinking.
Since I will draw in a small cup just in front, the parts that will be hidden by the cup don’t have to be that detailed.

Sketch with darker color and color the background.
Find out the shades and highlights (lighter part) for depiction.

Simply draw in the cup to get details.

Then, it’s time to draw the tablet from where one can make an order.
In order to draw the background, I have to press the “eye” icon in the tablet layer to hide it.

Then, draw in the rail and sketch the small train that transports sushi.

Draw the salmon roe sushi on the train.
Draw in the seaweed and color the under layer with dark red color.
Then, use light orange color to depict the roes.

You may also draw in a small leaf on top of the sushi upon your preference.

Duplicate the completed salmon roe sushi like the tuna sushi and paste along the side.
You will have final sushi set.

Turn on the tablet layer that went off, and draw stripes to somewhat plain background.
Duplicate the train and locate it at the back of the tablet.

Take an overall look; add some more details (shadows) and simple sushi characters in the empty spaces.

Put the shadow by adding a layer and changing it from “normal” to “multiply”.

Lastly, integrate all the layers for final touch.

I am using Galaxy Note 8.
Save the drawing in the gallery.

Select the drawing in the gallery for the lock screen. It’s done!

You take photos whenever you go on traveling.
It is good to use the cameras to store the memories easily and quickly, but when you leave your memory in a drawing like this, you can keep your special memory in a very special way.

Try your very own home screen with the tips from @hosio. : )

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