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[Infinite Painter] Draw a girl in vintage style

Hello PENPLEs!
Today will be the last drawing session from @dongdongkim.

It’s not so difficult to see the paper-drawn like artworks with digital device on PENUP.
Just by well leveraging the drawing apps’ functions, you can easily present the analogue type of drawings.

@dongdongkim said today’s lesson will be exactly on this point.
We will draw a girl in vintage style as if it were drawn on a paper.
An analogue type of style will be recalled via mobile drawing.
We will use a drawing app ‘Infinite Painter’

Are you all ready for emotional artworks?
Now, let’s get started. : )

TUTORIAL by @dongdongkim

Draw a girl in vintage style

with infinite Painter

Hello, PENPLEs!
Nice to meet you all again.
This drawing tip today will be a human illustration that seems to have been drawn on paper.
The drawing tips will focus on how we could make a paper-like drawing via mobile.

First, we will express details with lines.
If we are to draw with low resolution drawings, it is hard to put in delicate details.
So we will enlarge the canvas size.

As you enlarge the size of canvas, there may be more errors in accordance with your mobile phone spec.
So, adjust the canvas size appropriate to your mobile phone.

We will draw the profile of a woman.
First, draw the head and sketch the silhouette with rough lines.
When you draw the face, sketch out the head and then the hair that covers it along.
In this way, the drawing would look more natural.

Draw in eyes, nose and mouth.
You need to put much care into the proportion of the eyes, nose and mouth to draw beautiful and handsome faces.
Get the right proportion so that each part would not be too far or too close.

After drawing roughly, enlarge the canvas for details.
Express the lines in thicker ones and erase the guide lines to get it neat.

The face is almost done.

When you draw the lines, the pressure of each line is very important.
It is recommendable that you draw thick and dark lines with narrow and thin lines.
Use the thin lines in the lighter part that gets light and darker ones for the darkened sides with shades.
Also, you may remove the wrinkles or wrinkles around the nosewings and lips or express them with thinner and weaker lines.

I’ve put light and dark with lines.

When you draw the profile, I used red for the darker side.
That side should be colored in darker colors as they are comparatively less-lightened.
Surely, it could change according to the direction of the light.
In this picture, we’ve set it as if there is a light source in front of the face.

This is the phase where you express the darker parts with lines.
In the darker area, there is a part that is darker and part that is less dark.
In the darker area, express the part by adding more lines.

Next comes hair.

When you draw hair, the direction is important.
From the peak of the head to the tied part, get the right direction for drawing.

I will open the paper texture, which is the most critical part in the drawing.
Using “Options” and “Import”, I will call the texture image that has been prepared.

*You will see many types of paper texture if you google “Paper texture”.
Save the texture you like and use it.

I recalled texture.

Put the texture layer under the sketch layer.
Change the sketch layer into “Multiply” feature.
The sketch looks quite blurred.

When you press “Duplicate” in the layer properties window, You can generate the current layer’s duplication.

After duplicating the sketch layer and changing into “Multiply” feature, the sketch now looks thicker.

I generated another “multiply” layer and put colors in the parts that became points.
I like coloring the lips, nose and cheeks with red color and blue colors for the other darker parts.

The “Multiply” layer alone has colors like this.
Please take this as a reference.

Then color the hair.
In order to have the hair, which you sketched with care, intact, it is recommendable to color with “Multiply” layer.

I added another “multiply” layer to give dark and light to the hair.

This time, I added another layer of “Normal” properties and colored white to the part that should be the lightest.
It is important that you don’t put too much strength but draw it as light and dim.

Lastly, I drew in flowers and butterflies around the portrait.
You can also refer to a picture of a flower.
I like simply drawing flowers in my imagination and using my own pattern of stamping note-like curvy lines and dots.

It seems like I drew with a pen and color pencils on scratchy paper, right?

Thank you for your attention.

I hope that my drawings tips would give you some help in finishing a fabulous work of yours.

It’s so amazing how we could draw a new type of mobile drawing on a vintage paper texture photo file in the album.

We can really accomplish creative mobile drawings if we leverage the drawing app features well.

Please send message of thanks to @dongdongkim who has shown us useful drawing.

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