2014-12-01. AM 09:14
  • Hello, PEN.ples~

    Here is mongpic’s drawing tip for PEN.ples. His oil painting style artwork is very atrractive.
    Today, Let’s learn tip of portraits using Infinite Painter.
  • ■ 1. Before we begin our talk about drawing, let's quickly take a look at an important explanation.
  • The initial screen image resolution was set at 1000 width and 1414 length. It's A4 paper proportion. The reason for using A4 series is that one can easily access this sized picture frame at a Mart.
    You can set to any desired proportion. If you are drawing a larger size, I would recommend 1414 width and 2000 length.
  • The greatest advantage of Infinite Painter is that you can see the image while drawing since it's displayed on the screen.
    You can press the tack icon within the red circle at the top, to look at the reference image on the right to do your painting.
  • ■ 2. The following is related to a convenient setting for storing the drawing process and also for choosing colors that are in the images.
  • When you click the option tab at the top of the screen which takes you to General and have the Project Playback activated, the "../Infinite Studio/Painter/ Project/##(number)/ Playback" process of drawing will be saved in the directory. At this point the resolution is 50% of the original setting of the image.
    When wanting to confirm the jpg image, you have to paste and save the extension of the image as .jpg. When you use this setting, you can monitor the process of your own drawing.
  • You will get the above screen when you click Option/ Setting/ Workflow.
    Once there, you can press Finger treatment which allows you to set it for things you can do with your fingers. Setting it Color Pick is quite useful as jus by touching the screen, you can choose colors.
  • ■ 3. Now let's draw by choosing a basic brush setting.
  • For this drawing, I will just draw by using the yellow brushes in the first above image.
    Second image is the option setting. You can set the thickness and the density of the brush by controlling the Opacity. This is the part that's used most frequently.
    The third image is Blend Setting, and if you set Mix-in to On, you will get the mixed colors of the brush effect. You can just set it to Off when not wanting to use it.
  • ■ 4.Now let's begin drawing.
  • The subject for this series is BacGyber who has gladly volunteered to be a model.
  • Set the background tone for the mood of the whole screen and then set the large structure and position by deciding how to arrange the subject on screen.
  • Place the facial features and do the bottom color.
  • This is the stage where you insert colors that will set the overall mood. The colors you set during this stage will greatly influence the overall image later on. We will proceed with the background structure and expression a little at a time. Without going into details here, focus more on the location and bigger structure so the subject is not expressed too strongly.
  • When the overall tone is set, we can begin delineation while expressing the tree in the back a little more. Be careful not to draw in details or taking the attention away from the main subject by giving strong brightness or saturation but rather, with a softer finish.
    It's important to see the overall mood and set it with tone and colors instead of trying to describe each details. In portrait painting, you need to pay attention to keep the balance between the mood set with the backdrop colors while depicting and materializing the creases of the clothes or contouring the face.
    When drawing a portrait with the glasses on, just checking the position , and getting back to it after you've fully worked on the contrast on the face will keep it from being damaged. You finish it off by giving final touches both in details and overall picture.
  • This is the completed image.
    We've put more weight on the touch of the brush rather than on the details.

    Our thanks to @BacGyber for giving the picture.
    Thank you for giving this awesome Tip to the @mongpic.