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[MediBang Paint] Draw a girl in Hanbok

Hello, PENPLEs! : )

We would like to have a drawing tip session from @rang, our HOF of November 2017.
@rang is an artist who mainly draws beautiful girls in magnificent and beautiful costumes.

So, we will learn how to draw a girl in different traditional costumes in a period of six sessions.
Today’s session is on “drawing a girl in Hanbok, Korean costume”, and we will use a drawing app called “MediBang Paint”.

Hanbok is Korean traditional costume.
The traditional Asian costumes have delicate lines and beautiful colors.
One would be so curious to know how the Korean traditional costume would turn to be with the artist’s touch.

Shall we begin? : )

TUTORIAL by @rang

Draw a girl in Hanbok

with MediBang Paint

I am @rang.
It is so pleasure to say hello to PENPLEs again.
I enjoyed learning other’s drawing tips, and now I got a chance to show my drawing tips.
My drawing tip theme is on drawing characters in global traditional costumes.

In this drawing tip, I will tell you how to use layer functions and do colorings in “MediBang Paint” app.

Today, we will draw the Korean traditional costume, Hanbok.
I will draw a girl in winter Hanbok.
Let me draw a girl who greets snow.
Hope this would be some help to those people who like to draw characters.

When you open “MedibangPaint”, you will see a screen like this after the size setting.
Click on the palette icon in the below.
You can choose various brushes.

I prefer using pencil brush.
I will select “Pencil Rough” on #14.
Since I draw on Samsung Galaxy Note, I use an S Pen.
I can adjust the pen pressure, and this makes it possible for more natural pencil-like presentation.

When you press on the “setting” icon beside the brush, you can set from more detailed brushes.

Make setting upon your preference by using properties.
The wider the width is, the more roughness there will be.

Return to the canvas and draw the posture you prefer.
The pencil presentation is just so lively as if it were drawn on a paper.
I drew a girl who has her hand up and face lifted down a bit.

Then, sketch in the order of hair, clothes, face and accessories.
I wanted to draw a bit of windy feeling.
It is recommendable to sketch by taking into consideration the direction of the wind or light.

Hanbok, the Korean traditional costume, is featured by short clothes with neat long knot and wide and exuberant skirt wrinkles.
The point here is the hair which is braided and tied with a ribbon.

Now, we will draw very neat lines.
Select “layer” of the sketched drawing, and then adjust the “opacity” from the “edit”.

Then, add another “layer” to the sketch where the opacity has just been adjusted.
You just have to draw neatly as much as possible.
The most important part here is to draw one by one with care although it may take long time.

When you turn off the layer with the adjusted opacity, you can see that the drawing is all done with neat lines.

Now, we should move on to coloring.
Add a new “layer” to the layer where the work was just done.

Then, fill the part inside the line with the color you want.
I filled it with grey color.

Now, it is time for us to color the background.
Add another layer to the grey-filled layer.
If you check the clipping, you will see an arrow in the direction of “layer” which just has been filled with grey.
As you add more color, add more layers and select “clipping”.
It will be convenient for you to add colors in the order of skin, clothes, hair and accessories.

You may have noticed; clipping is a function that prevents the grey color that has been filled to burst out of the layer.

Hanbok features magnificent colors, but there is somewhat moderate mood to the coloring. So I used burgundy, blue and yellow colors.
The background coloring is done.

Now, uncheck all the “clipping”.
Select the very first “layer” that has been colored in grey.
Then select the dotted square below.
Press “select the drawing” and “inverse selection”.

You will see not-so-neat screen.
Select the background layers in the order and erase them; then the drawing will be neat.

After erasing it all, select the dotted square and select “deselect.”

It’s time for us to give light & darkness.
First, add a new “layer” to the background “layer”. Then do “clipping”.
Then, select a color that is littler darker than the background color. Select the direction where the light shines in and draw the opposite side.
Repeat this with the same method.

When you express the shadow, it is recommendable to select thick color rather than dark color.
Since the drawing may get messy if the shadow is nearer to black, you better not use this color.

I add one more layer to draw lines to the boundaries with “air brush”.
In doing so, the clothes and skin expression get more natural.
If the air brush density is set to 10-15, it will make the drawing look more natural and less messy with color layering.

This is the part that I like the most.
Add a new layer to line layer, select white and give some highlights with “air brush” with less density.

This is a simple job, but it gives more dimension to the characters.
You just have to slash the parts that you want to give more volume to.
In order to give the cold feeling, I drew lines around the mouth and face.

It should then snow, right?

Select the palette icon and +, you can download so many different brushes.
I downloaded the “snow crystals” brush.

Then add more layer.
If you want to give more details, I recommend you try out with more “layers”.

Now, the drawing is all done.
A girl in Hanbok is greeting the snow from the sky.

This is about all the drawing tips for you this time.
I believe you can do well if you follow one by one.

It is actually my first time to give drawing tips to somebody else; I am not sure if my explanation was enough.
Thank you for your attention.

Medibang Paint’s layer function can make drawing easy; you can easily draw a complex character by giving it more dimensions.

@rang’s next drawing tip will be on drawing a girl in Kimono, Japanese traditional costume.
Can’t wait to see the drawing tips!

Please leave comments of thanks to the artist’s feed. : )

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