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[Infinite Painter] Draw a Forest at Sunrise

Hello, PENPLEs! : )
We will learn drawing tips from @dongdongkim this time.

Did you enjoy @artistina.z’s drawing tip on drawing mystical forest last time?
@dongdong’s drawing tip theme is also on drawing forest.
This week’s theme is on the “forest upon sunset.”
@aristina.z used a drawing app called “SketchBook”.
@dongdongkim will use “Infinite Painter” app.

Can’t wait until how these two different apps will present the same theme “forest”.

It would be quite enthusiastic to compare and contrast two apps to get some tips out of the lessons.

Shall we begin?

TUTORIAL by @dongdongkim

Draw a Forest at Sunrise

with infinite Painter

Hello, PENPLEs.
I am @dongdongkim.
Nice to meet you again through this drawing tip session.

The drawing tip for this time is about drawing a forest using the paint function in “Infinite Painter” app.

I would want to draw the landscape in the forest upon the sunset.
Like last time, I will focus on how to draw with ease even for those who are not accustomed to drawing without having too many details.

Unlike last time when we used the brushes on “watercolor” tap, I will use the brushes on the “paint” tab.

First, draw the stream of light that will present a sort of entire mood to the painting.
This is the critical part; what color you use would impact the total presentation of the drawing.

I decided to present a sort of atmosphere where the greyish mood of the early morning with a beam of warm light upon sunset dominates the sky.
I used “remy” and “vermeer” for the brush in the “paint” tab.

When you color the background, generate a new layer at the farthest.
Then color the trees with light colors.
Since the trees are at the farthest sight, you don’t need to put much attention to the details.
If you depict every detail part of each element when drawing, the views will be scattered around;
then, the drawing itself will be a complex one.

The farthest trees are all done.

Next, we should draw the nearer trees.
Generate the layer again, and draw in a trunk with darker color.

Also draw some branches.

Use “renoir” brush to draw the leaves.

Then, draw the grass by using the “alexis” brush in the “ink” tab.
The “alexis” brush is a type of the brush where you will see thick lines with more pressure and lean lines with lighter pressure.
Just brush lightly past by using snaps to draw grass with sharp edge.

Once done with the grass, you may sprinkle using the “inkle” and “dexter” brushes on “spray” tab to give different presentations to the grass.

When you are done with the grass, let’s draw another round of grass – this time, a nearer one.

You should use darker color.
At this time, it is good to draw lighter colored grass that is under light with the light source nearer.

Give rich touch by using the brushes on “spray” tab and on “renoir” tab, and then draw in the nearest trees.

As they are at the nearest point, draw with the darkest colors.

The main cast in the drawing is the trees, right? Depict them.

Draw the branches and also put in some reflection with light color as it is shone by the light from backwards.

Draw in some leaves as well.

Now, draw in the grass at the nearest sight in the same we have been drawing.

Lastly, use the “overlay” layer to make the light source part a bit lighter.
Then use the “colordodge” layer to show the light pouring.

We are done. How was it? It wasn’t that difficult, was it?
Looking forward to see more beautiful forest drawings on PENUP.
Thank you for your attention.

The artist has drawn a forest by using various brushes on “Paint” tab in Infinite Painter.

Comparing this drawing to the forest drawn with the SketchBook app last week, which one do you like more?
There are more drawing apps being released.
I guess it would be the first step for the beginners in the mobile drawing to experiment with all different drawing apps to find the right one for themselves.

We will come back with next drawing tip. : )

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