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Hello, PEN.Ple guys!
I am back with some good drawing tips for you.
After I give you drawing tips, I can see new artworks uploaded that are completed with new drawing tips on the feed page.
Indeed, there are a good number of artworks that are backed by the drawing tips of @aristina.z.
This time, we have this ‘Drawing a mysterious forest’ tip.
I am really excited to find how the mysterious forest will be beautifully portrayed.

Then, let’s get it started!

TUTORIAL by @aristina.z

Draw a mystical forest

with SketchBook

Hi all this is @aristina.z and it feels so good to be back to present another set of drawing tips!

First I really want to thank you All for the wonderful response to my previous drawing tips (saw so many beautiful galaxies popping up!).

Everyone on PENUP is a creative artist in their own right and when most of you wonderful Pen.ple took some time to appreciate, read or try out some tips given by a fellow artist it meant alot to me!

Let’s get started without further delay!

Step 1: Whoever follows my drawing tips knows the first step is choosing a colour.
So as autumn fades into winter and we all miss summer lets choose green! Jade green... emerald...moss... Brings to mind greenery and enchanted forests.
So let’s draw a mystical forest!

Tip alert: Whenever drawing forests try to use more shades of sap green or jade green instead of using very bright green shades for the backdrop.

Step 2: Let’s use our search engine to see images and photographs of beautiful forests or better still close your eyes and imagine yourself taking a walk in the woods!

Tip alert: I almost always read a little about the colour I am going to use most in the drawing(in this case green)Believe me it helps!
Green stands for life, renewal, harmony and positive energy.

Step 3: Use the paint brush feature on sketchbook to pen some shades of jade green with lighter shades in the centre and darker towards the edges.
Smudge them using short strokes without mixing them.

Tip alert: Before we start the next step a quick tip ,as we are making a forest its good to practice making trees beforehand with-tree trunk thick-branches long and slender-twigs thin and short.

Step 4: Add layer no.2 (this will be our layer number 4 in the final artwork )and using the acrylic paint brush start drawing the trees in the foreground framing the picture.

Tip alert: It is important to keep in mind the near and far concept.
Trees in front/nearer/in the foreground will be more saturated in colour/more opaque and the ones far/in the background will have less pigment /less opaque.

Step 5: Add another layer but this layer will come between the two previous layers (this will be our layer number 3 in the final artwork)The trees will be drawn in this layer using the same acrylic paint brush feature and a lighter shade of jade green, and then we will reduce the opacity of this layer (I made it 57%)to make them look far and add depth to the artwork.

Tip alert: The beauty of digital drawing is you can use different layers and change the opacity of the layers to add depth and definition to your artwork.

Step 6: Duplicate the previous layer that is layer number 3 and you can place it before or after layer no.3.Now use the “transform image “icon to reduce the size of the trees in this layer and then change the opacity of the layer to lesser than the previous ones (I made it 27%)as the trees in this layer are made to appear farthest.

Tip alert: The best part is you don’t have to draw this layer at all!!!..just duplicate previous layer-transform image(to reduce size)-change opacity (to appear far)

Step 7: Draw a light source in this case a moon in our layer number 4 (the layer with maximum opacity )Shade it using the air brush option.

Tip alert: As we are drawing and duplicating the trees its important to use the smudge brushes from time to time to give a smooth finish and continuity to the trees, its branches and roots.

Step 8: Draw a figure(a girl or even a deer )in the midst of the forest using the pen and then smudge brush.

Tip alert: Figures and their posture need attention to detail so once I decide the figure I want I almost always practice it twice or more to get the flow before drawing it in my final artwork.

Step 9: Now we will add our final layer that is layer number 5 and use it to draw the light effects.
The halo around the moon using the airbrush in shades of lime and light green.
Give some texture to the trees using the pencil and smudge options.
The highlights on the girl and the ground as well as the shadow of the girl on the ground.

Tip alert: The direction of light as well as the way it illuminates the things in its path is important to note.
Also light of different intensities bounces off different objects.

Step 10: Now we add some finishing touches to our artwork...draw some foliage (optional )and upload it on PENUP. (essential)!!!

Tip alert: It is definitely much easier to actually draw the artwork than to read about it or write about it.
So please start drawing and uploading. Can’t wait to see your beautiful artworks!!!

Hope you all have a great time doing digital painting ...until we meet again with a next set of drawing tips ...thank you!

The secrets to creating a beautiful and mysterious forest are the colors and perspective.
Moreover, controlling transparency based on perspective is very important.
As colors hold the key of making the entire vibe of an artwork,carefully selecting colors that are fitting to the atmosphere of the picture you want to draw is critical.

Our artist @aristina.z not only has amazing drawing skills but also is a good communicator.
We could feel the joy and happiness of drawing a picture while reading the drawing tips from @aristina.z.
Unfortunately, however, the drawing tip series from @aristina.z is now ended.
But we really hope that we could have another opportunity to get more of precious drawing tips from @aristina.z in the near future.

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