2014-11-07. AM 05:23
  • Greetings to all PENples~

    In order to draw well, it's important to invest many hours to actually try drawing. Auditing lectures of a master who is an excellent drawer also helps us in becoming seasoned artists.
    PEN.UP has produced a lecture video to enhance the life of enjoyable drawing. Introducing Mongpic who will upgrade the PENples drawing skills up a notch.
  • ■ The joy of painting: The 1st part
  • There are many drawing masters from all over the world at PEN.UP. From among them, Mongpic who draws oil painting has opened up his methods through a video.
  • You can see the full version video at the bottom link.
  • Special thanks to Mongpic who has taken his precious time to give us a portrait lecture.
    We hope PENples life of drawing becomes more enjoyable by watching the method of oil painting style portrait using infinite painter of galaxy note 10.1.

    We will continue to support for PEN.UP.

    If there are any PENples interested in video taping these, please contact us by sending an email to the following address.