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[SketchBook] Draw a Character in the windy day

Hello, PEN.Ple guys.
For this time drawing tip, it is a turn by the artist, @Gavriel.
He teaches how to naturally express characters unde the theme of ‘drawing naturally’.
This time we are going to draw ‘characters in a windy day’.
It seems difficult to draw figures waving around along in wind.
However, once the principles are understood, natural drawing becomes easier.

TUTORIAL by @Gavriel

Draw a Character in the windy day with SketchBook

with SketchBook

Hello. Pen-up users!
This is @Gavriel.

We are having the third time of ‘drawing naturally’.
Today, we are going to draw a character using an environmental factor of so called wind.
I often use this method to give dynamic effects.
You can make the characters livelier by giving wind effect on what might feel a bit humdrum.
Now, let’s begin.

Make a body pose at first.
I drew a confident-looking pose.

The pose will gradually change a bit.

I put hairs fluttered in wind.
For natural look, it is advised to mix thick and fine hair wads and big and small wave curls.

You need to make hair direction unfixed from up to down.
That helps make more natural drawing.

And you also may want to have the hairs fly not in parallel as much as possible.

Let me now draw a skirt flapped in wind.
You must have already figured out where wind is from.

Make the skirt move around in the same direction of hair moving as you were taught the last time.

As I told you on hair expression, make wrinkle sizes vary.
And draw wrinkles in line with wind direction.

It goes the same for the top.
Draw various sizes of flaps.

And make the clothes flutter along with body carves and wind direction.

You will have this figure if compared to the unclothed original shape.
For the side where wind comes from, the cloths are pushed to tightly stick to the body and for the other side where wind goes out the clothes are drawn as distant from the body as its size.

Now we are entering the final sketch stage.
Still, there are some parts that we need to remain careful.

This is it.
Earrings must move in the same direction of wind.

Also, you shouldn’t miss such small parts like this.
You need to be consistent in the directions and make delicate expressions.

Then, the sketch is done.

Give final touch to the lines.

Add some wind-expressing elements.
Of course, we can add something various such as leaves, petals, snow, rain by using our imagination.
Can’t we?

When one draws, such imaginations exerts tremendous power.

It is almost done, but still seems something to be missing.

I put some checks in order to enhance details.
Finally, it is done with coloring.

I have tried to give you drawing tips for the three rounds under the theme of ‘drawing naturally’.

I have wanted to tell you drawing tips which make more quality pictures rather than technical tips on how to draw lines or to handle brushes.
There’s no one perfect from the beginning.
Paintings have no limit though you get used to.
That is why paintings bring a lot of fun.

I hope that you guys draw fun paintings.

I also hope that paintings make both painters and audiences have fun, rather than focusing on pretty and well-drawn paintings.

I thank you readers for your time reading this lengthy note and thank PENUP administration team for this good opportunity.

How did you find the drawing tips by @Gavriel?
We learned how to draw naturally by expressing the wind direction with moved-along clothes and hairs.
Consistent expressions of delicate details in the same direction with wind lead to more natural display.
It seems lovely to give wind effects when you want to draw dramatic characters.

Please don’t forget to visit @Gavriel feed and drop thank you line for his useful drawing tips.

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