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Drawing on a mobile app is not as hard as it seems.
Give the various app that are available it a try sometime.

Today @aristina.z will teach you the 10-step process of having drawing effective and stunning drawings.
It will all be at the tip of your fingers.

There's no need to hesitate.
Just give it a try and you'll see for yourselves.

TUTORIAL by @aristina.z

Draw a Outer Space

with SketchBook

Hi friends this is aristina.z and I am back again with a second set of drawing tips!
Have been seeing such wonderful artworks being shared by you all on PENUP....and recently with the added feature of “ colouring pages “ have been trying my hand at colouring too!
My next tutorial is 10 steps to pen Outer Space.

Step 1: As always Lets think of a wonderful vibrant colour! How about purple. So many lovely shades of purple from violet to mauve to aubergine....its will sure make vibrant picture.
When I think of violet I think of night skies, galaxies.
So lets pen outer space!

Tip Alert: Create contrast in your artworks by using a dark backdrop and lighter colour objects or vice versa.

Step 2: Browse through some beautiful pictures of outer space on a search engine and keeping the colours you decided in mind.(in this case violet)

Tip alert: Try to browse as many pictures of the subject you decide to draw...it not only opens up possibilities but triggers the imagination too.

Step 3: Use the paint brush feature on sketchbook to pen in different shades of purple and pink randomly (use the darker shades of purple and pink) Smudge them.

Tip alert: smugde in short strokes so that you don’t mix the different shades just blur the lines between them.

Step 4: Add another layer and pen in some lighter shades of purple and pink with one of the cloud brushes on the new layer.
Smudge them.

Tip Alert: Use the special brushes(cloud brushes etc.) on sketchbook.

Step5: We can see the initial stages of our artwork now. Add layer number 3.
On this layer we will pen some planets and galaxies .For the planet use the circle shape maker.
Use the airbrush to colour the planet and shade it.

Tip alert: To give a neat finish to shapes we can use eraser with the circle guide.

Step 6: Duplicate layer number 3 and then use the transform image icon to place the planet after making it larger at a different location.
This duplicate layer will be layer number 4.Shade the planet duplicated according to the backdrop.

Tip alert: Whenever we are shading the planet shade it lighter against a darker backdrop and vice versa.

Step7: Add the final layer that is layer number 5.
Change the setting of the layer 5 to “soft glow”.
This layer is very important to get the light effects and provide the much needed radiance.
Use the pencil brush in different colours to pen in the stars and air brush with smudge brush to make galaxies and cosmic dust.

Tip alert: Light effects are vital. To illuminate your work you can shade by taking note of how light bounces of solid objects.
The light should be of different intensity.

Step 8: Lets draw a vantage point to observe outer space.
This vantage point can be drawn on layer number 4.
Draw half a circle using the circle guide and colour it black.
Draw a silhouette of a little girl observing the galaxies.
As a little girl I often used to stand and look at the beautiful night sky...wish on a shooting star.
I think most of us do that!

Tip alert: Another advantage of using a different layers for backdrops and objects is that you can easily use the backdrop for another new artwork by hiding the layers with the objects and then duplicating the backdrop.

Step 9: Give finishing touches to your artwork.
Smudge(don’t erase) away the extra stars...draw some more galaxies.
Give it a nice intriguing name don’t leave it ‘untitled‘

Tip alert: I repeat this a lot but always observe your finished artwork from a distance, it brings things into perspective.

Step 10: Upload your work on PENUP.
Can’t wait to see some more beautiful and vibrant artworks by all you wonderful artists.

Tip alert: When in doubt always ask by leaving messages in the fan book of the artist concerned.
Help is always available and believe me a lot of wonderful artists on pen. Up have helped me improved my art!

Learning is a process that never stops!
Thank you and happy drawing!!!

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