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[SketchBook] Draw a autumn man

Hello, PENPLEs!

@Gavriel is posting drawing tip series on “drawing natural artworks”.
In the last posting, we learned how to draw natural postures by giving a slant inclination to the body posture.
This time, he said he will give tips on drawing “autumn man” by adding details to the expression, posture and consistent details.

Let’s learn how we can consistently add the autumn element to the characters.

TUTORIAL by @Gavriel

Draw a autumn man

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Hello, PENUP users!
It’s @Gavriel.

As a second part of “drawing naturally”,
I would like to tell you about how to draw consistent atmosphere by adding expression, postures and details.

Like last time, the slant in postures,
today’s topic is not about drawing skills, but it is crucial part to come up with more presentable drawings.
Even if you have some difficulties,
I hope you continue attempt by keeping the style in mind.

When you draw, there are some drawings that look natural,
but there are also some art pieces that look quite awkward.
You need to be careful about the details to check whether the posture is quite wrong,
the expression is quite flat unlike the postures or the strength is given on the wrong spot.

Today we will draw about autumn.
Even if it is about autumn, we would try to go with details instead of stressing on the atmosphere only.
Let me draw a man with the autumn atmosphere.

The whole composition is already in mind, but there are certainly changes as you draw.
But for those parts that go off the topic, you need to exclude them.

Let us now get started!

First, I drew in the body movement.
There is no expression, no clothes or no other details.
Just looking at the posture, I put all the strength away so that it could go well with the subtleness of autumn.

Next comes expression.
Unlike the movement, I put much strength on the expression.

He doesn’t seem to be happy as he was disturbed during break.

Adding stories will make you understand about the facial expression.
You can understand this because it does not deviate from consistency.
Also, the expression will go along with the details that will come after.

Shall we move onto the hairstyle?

This revolutionary hair wouldn’t go for autumn, right?

This would be more appropriate.
This is the kind of the style that I always wanted to try.
You can call this vicarious pleasure.

You can refer to the magazines or Internet shopping malls for the hairstyle and clothes.
Then you can also get to know about the recent trends.
But, just make it as a reference; don’t just look at it while drawing.
When you want to copy it out of the picture, you may need to imitate everything in an attempt for studying.
But, if you are drawing your own style, just refer to it and close the book.
Then, you can get your own style.

We don’t have hands yet.

I put in the hands and clothes.
The hands were drawn in a natural way like the body movement with less strength.
When drawing in the fingers, you may need to classify between the hand with clutch and hand with no strength.
Also, the angle of fingertips can express the level of strength.

Now, let’s add more details do give more presentation to otherwise a flat drawing.
When you think about autumn, you will recall emotional ballads.
Draw in a headset earphone.

The shirt looked flat, so I drew in some patterns.
Compared to the facial expression, the character himself looked a big innocent.
So I drew in the accessories and tattoos.
Now, the hairstyle, facial expression and accessories all go along well.

I also put in the background in accordance with the topic.
The ginkgo leaves are falling down from the ginkgo tree.
If there is something that flows down - flower buds, leaves, snow, rain and fog - the drawing looks full, alleviating the presentation.

That’s all I want to draw a sketch.

Sharpen the lines.

You will be done once the coloring is over.

How did you feel?
The movement, expression, details and atmosphere just all fall into the category of autumn without a problem, right?
You need to have context and stories in consistency when you are drawing just one artwork.
Then, the audience can think this and that way while watching your drawing.

The good drawing is not a well drawn one, but it is the one that pulls the audience into imaginations.

I hope you would draw interesting pieces, too. ^^

This is it.
Thank you for your attention.

We all learned that the presentation of small detail is as important as skills.
Don’t forget that you need to have consistent details that go along well with the topic and overall atmosphere to draw natural drawings.

Look forward to next drawing tip from @Gavriel.

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