2017-09-11. AM 04:43
[Video] Galaxy Note8 – Speed Drawing #2

The second Speed Drawing class with Galaxy Note 8!

On August 23, Galaxy Note 8 has been finally revealed through an unpack event.

While many people were there watching it live, the new service that will be provided by PENUP has been newly announced.

It’s so called “Coloring Book” feature, which has already caught the attention of many.

* The coloring feature that has been introduced at Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2017 will be newly offered in mid-September.

Today, you will get to see the speed drawing clip that includes the coloring function contents.

PENUP coloring can be enjoyed in two ways: auto filling method by using the paint bucket tool and direct coloring by using various colors.

You can also select among various colors as color palette is also provided.
You can fill the drawing with the paint bucket tool and select the pen to add coloring in order to generate the gradation effect.

In other words, you can express various colors and textures.

Auto filling for those who have difficulties in coloring and coloring function for those who want to give more enriched style!

You can enjoy coloring in any way.

In this speed drawing class, we colored the Flower & Butterfly with full life.
Enjoy the coloring feature by using both the coloring types like what you see in the Speed Drawing clip!

Please refer to the link below if you have troubles playing the clip.
Thank you.

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